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Social influencers: Jenny Wright

Certified health coach Jenny Wright shares advice for a healthy, active lifestyle.

A love for all things health and wellbeing inspires Jenny to help empower others by sharing her best ideas and advice. Through her Hello Great Health social channels, she strives to spread her philosophy that living well is a matter of being kind to your body and taking small steps towards a healthier, more active lifestyle.

When and why did you start using social media to encourage greater wellbeing?

I have been an avid user of social media for years now. Health and wellbeing is something that I am very passionate about, so sharing information excites me. Following others who are interested in the same things is a wonderful way to get inspiration for so many facets of life.

You use the name “Hello Great Health.” What does “great health” mean to you?

Great health means being happy with yourself and being kind and gentle to your body. There is so much talk about weight loss these days with seemingly little regard for health. When you start focusing on being healthier so that you can live with more energy and a body that wants to get moving each day, then a natural side-effect is a healthier weight and a happier mindset. Getting healthy enables us to achieve the things we want and live the lifestyle that we desire.

How do you decide what content to post on each platform?

I try to share information that interests me and that I think others will benefit from as well. I share articles via Twitter and sometimes Facebook, and I post more food-related content on Instagram. If I make a super-easy dip with a few healthy ingredients I feel compelled to share it, because if it shows one person how easy it is to whip up their own dips using organic ingredients instead of buying packaged dips, then it would be remiss of me not to!

What makes social media a beneficial medium for connecting with people?

The reach of social media is vast. I love being able to follow successful, healthy people in the US and see what is trending there. It really provides an opportunity to reach out and share and connect with the whole world.

Have you gained any valuable information or insights from interacting with your followers?

It is interesting to see what people are drawn to. When others ask questions about your posts it is a wonderful way to provide more relevant content.

What are your top three tips to help people on their journey to better health?

1. Be patient. Forget the six weeks to a bikini body. Wouldn’t it be nicer to fit into your favourite clothes permanently, rather than just for a few weeks after that crash diet? Focus on making regular, small, positive changes through nutrition and lifestyle choices. Don’t see one small thing as a setback that can derail things. Forget it and keep going.

2. Set goals. Envisage how you would like your life to be, then work at dissolving those barriers between you now and that healthier person. That’s why I love being a health coach – most of us know what we need to do to be healthy, but it’s challenging to make these changes on your own.

3. Don’t deprive. I’m not advocating going to your nearest bakery and devouring every cake on the menu, but putting together a plan that has you regularly enjoying the things that you love as well as making small, healthy changes. I prefer to focus on the positives – what can you add to your life that will improve your health. If we eat green vegies most days, drink more water, stop smoking and exercise most days, then we are on the right path. It can be that simple.

Follow Jenny:

Twitter: @hellogr8health

Facebook: HelloGreatHealth

Instagram: @hellogreathealth

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