Lesson one

The microbiome and the gut-brain axis

Get an overview of the microbiome, how the brain-gut connection works and why it’s important.

Level: Beginner

Length: 6 mins

Coach: David Cameron-Smith


Is there a mind-gut connection?

More research suggests eating well may help lift your mood.

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Gut feelings

How our gut bacteria affect our food cravings

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Lesson two

Can mental health affect the gut and vice versa?

Intermediate: Learn more about mental wellbeing and how the gut influences the brain and mood, and vice-versa.

Level: Intermediate

Length: 6 mins

Coach: David Cameron-Smith

Lesson three

A healthy diet is good for mental health

This advanced lesson looks at diet and gut bacteria to boost your mental and physical health.

Level: Advanced

Length: 6 mins

Coach: David Cameron-Smith

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