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From snacks to self-cooling towels, get the lowdown on new health products.

Name / Age: Margaret / 29

Product: Tassal salt-reduced smoked salmon is fresh Tasmanian salmon, available in major supermarkets around Australia.

Background / health benefit: Well regarded in nutrition circles for its high level of omega 3 fats, smoked salmon is an important ingredient in brain and immune function.

Review: Smoked salmon is not something I had previously eaten that often. After becoming aware of the benefits of eating fish regularly to maintain good health, I have tried to incorporate a few different varieties into my diet. I prepared a smoked salmon and dill frittata, which I served at room temperate with a big salad for dinner. I threw in lots of veggies to the frittata and the layers of smoked salmon added a delicious, light flavor and the baked texture was great. My husband and I also tried a little smoked salmon alongside eggs for a weekend breakfast and added a slice or two to a fresh baguette with some reduced fat cream cheese and salad for lunch – yum!

Name / Age: Sandy / 44

Product: Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Background / Health benefit: Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arteries as it’s circulated around the body by the heart. Ongoing high blood pressure can lead to serious health problems and if you have a history of high blood pressure, it is important to monitor it regularly with an accurate device.

Review: Having a family history of a high blood pressure I decided to proactively monitor my blood pressure and keep my GP informed about the results. I find that regularly measuring my blood pressure also maintains my awareness of lifestyle factors within my control such as diet, exercise and managing stress.

The pre-shaped cuff is easy to slip over your arm and when it’s fitted correctly, an ‘OK’ symbol pops up on the machine. The system uses two pressure sensors to ensure accuracy and if the monitor detects an irregular heartbeat during a reading, an indicator icon appears. If a reading exceeds internationally recognised guidelines for normal blood pressure or hypertension, an alert will be activated on the screen. The system has enough memory to store your last 90 readings, which is really handy when you need to monitor your blood pressure over a long period of time.

Name / Age: Nick / 54

Product: Mission EnduraCool Towel

Background / health benefit: Managing your body temperature as you exercise is important to prevent overheating and to maximise performance. The Mission cooling towel instantly cools when it is soaked with water and ‘snapped’ in the air to achieve its cooling properties allowing you to cool off while exercising.

Review: I regularly attend cycling spin classes at my local gym. One of the biggest challenges is staying cool during the session where up to 25 people cycle furiously in a small room with only a few fans. It doesn’t take long until I am heavily perspiring and hot. I have taken the EnduraCool Towel to my last three classes and have found it amazing. I soak it in water before the class begins and snap it to cool it and then wear it around my neck and shoulders. I also used the towel to wipe the sweat from my brow and half way through the class I usually add a little water from my drink bottle and snap it again to keep the towel and me cooled during the workout.

Name / Age: Brooke / 38

Product: Kids Bites

Background / health benefit: Providing healthy and nutritious snacks for children can be a challenge – when you combine that with the need for the snack to be both gluten free and allergy friendly the challenge can get even harder! Food for Life provides a solution with Strawberry Yoghurt and Choc-Banana flavoured Kids Bites.

Review: I have two primary school aged children. One of my children is gluten intolerant so providing a range of healthy snacks in the lunchbox can be a challenge. I tried both flavours of Kids Bites with my children and while they ate both, the consensus was Choc-Banana was their favourite. I liked the fact that they were healthy and nutritious but at the same time gluten free and allergy friendly. Combined with some fruit in the school lunch box, they are a great snack option and one I will keep buying.

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