one wave

Head to the beach for surfing, yoga and good conversation. OneWave is a vibrant mental health community connected by the ocean.

There’s something magical about the ocean. Getting active at the beach invigorates your body and soothes your mind, giving you a dose of ‘saltwater therapy’.

OneWave captures this energy in weekly Fluro Friday sessions, held at beaches around Australia. Dressed in bright colours, groups gather to surf, practice yoga and talk it out, raising awareness for mental health and making a difference, one wave at a time.

Medibank is working with OneWave to bring this experience to more people around Australia. In 2019, our support will help OneWave deliver:

  • 10 new Fluro Friday locations (increasing to 25 locations around Australia)
  • 20 OneWave schools programs, reaching 10,000 students
  • 200 free surf lessons

How to get involved

Find out more about your local Fluro Friday event and the OneWave Schools Program.

What is OneWave?


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