Coming to Australia to study, work or travel? Or staying on?

Whatever you’re here for, we’re here to keep you healthy.

Instant visa certificate

Help satisfy Australian student and working visa health insurance requirements and get your certificate as soon as you purchase online

Peace of mind

Protect against the unexpected – we’ll help cover the cost of medical treatment while you’re here

Leading health partner

Australia’s leading health provider with 3.8 million members

For students

Studying in a new country can be scary. Find out how we support you through the ups and downs, and help you adjust to your new life in Australia. Read more


For workers

Working in a foreign country can be stressful. Our Working Visa Health Covers can help cover you for health care, including mental health services. Read more


For visitors

From sunburns to spider bites, find out how we protect your health so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Read more

Read more

Overseas Student Health Cover

For visa 500

Meet your student visa health insurance requirements. Get your certificate as soon as you purchase online

24/7 Student Health and Support Line

Friendly nurses are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day

Coping with stress

Studying can be stressful. We help you cope when things are tough

Studying in Australia


Coping with stress as a student

It’s totally normal to feel stressed as a student. Read more


Mental health services in Australia

Where to get support while you're living in Australia. Read more

Healthy Living

What to do if you get sick in Australia

A simple guide to help you get the right medical attention. Read more


Sex in Australia: How to stay safe

Practicing safe sex is easy in Australia. Read more


Home sweet home: How to find accommodation in Australia

Things to consider when looking for your Australian home. Read more

Working Visa Health Cover

For visa 457, 485 and more

Meet your working visa health requirements. Get your certificate as soon as you purchase online

Save money on treatment

Save your hard earned money for later and let us help towards your hospital fees and treatment

24/7 Health Advice Line

Members are supported by Medibank nurses on our 24/7 Health Advice Line

Working in Australia

Healthy Living

Workplace health and safety explained

Your safety and rights while working in Australia. Read more


How to beat homesickness

Homesickness can be a serious problem. Read more


12 Australian animals and where to find them

From cute and cuddly koalas to prehistoric-looking predators. Read more

Healthy Living

Aussies love their sport

What you need to know to join in the fun. Read more

Overseas Visitors Health Cover

For visa 600, 601, 651 and more

Meet your visitor visa health requirements. Get your certificate within seconds.

Cover for accidents

If you have an accident, rest assured you will be covered even if the service required is listed as not included.^

Unlimited emergency ambulance cover*

We’ll pick up 100% of your ambulance bill when you need an ambulance and your medical condition means you can’t be transported any other way*

Travelling in Australia


12 things you need when traveling Australia

Health essentials to get you through your holiday safely. Read more


Down Under’s 7 wonders

We’ve put together a list of our top 7 spots for your Aussie. Read more


How to stay safe at the beach

Beach safety for visitors to Australia. Read more


Australia’s cheap city eats

Cheap and cheerful eats that don't skimp on flavour. Read more

Singles cover

When we talk about cover for 'singles', we really mean better cover for individuals – every kind of individual. . Read more


Couples cover

Get the health cover you and your partner need to live the life you want. Read more


Families cover

We don't just offer family cover, we offer cover better suited to every kind of family. Read more

Living in Australia


10 facts about Australia

What you need to know about the land Down Under. Read more

Using Your Cover

What is Extras cover?

Extras can help with the costs of your glasses and more. Read more


G’day mate: making sense of Australian slang

What you need to know to understand your new Aussie friends. Read more

*Waiting periods apply. For ambulance attendance and transportation to a hospital where immediate professional attention is required and your medical condition is such that you couldn’t be transported any other way.

^Excludes claims covered by third parties such as Workcover.

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