Live Better

Meet your Medibank Ambassador: Michelle Bridges

Did you know that Australia’s favourite personal trainer is also a Medibank ambassador?

It takes something special to be a Medibank ambassador. Medibank ambassadors must embody our promise of “better”. Being fit and healthy isn’t enough; our ambassadors are passionate about encouraging Aussies to take control of their health and wellness. Who better to do so than Australia’s favourite personal trainer, Michelle Bridges? We caught up with Michelle to talk about life in the fit lane.

So, when did your fitness journey begin?

I’ve been a bit of a fitness fanatic since my teens; when I was 14 I started running aerobics classes for kids who didn’t want to participate in PE at my Central Coast high school. By 18 I was a qualified fitness instructor!

How did you start building your profile?

Kerri-Anne Kennerley trained at a health club I co-owned in Haymarket, and I used to follow her around constantly pitching a fitness segment for The Morning Show. She finally snapped and set up a meeting with her producers. I did the first five for free, and the audience loved it so much they paid me from there on in.

You joined The Biggest Loser in 2006 and soon became a household name…

That’s when it all really started taking off! I joined right back in the second season and only left at the end of last year to focus my time on some new and exciting projects, as well as my family. We recently passed the 1.5 million total kilos lost with my 12 Week Body Transformation program, and I think I’m up to book number 16 now, so there’s always plenty to be done.

How do you feel about being a celebrity trainer?

I don’t consider myself a celebrity trainer, and I certainly don’t train celebrities, I try to reach as many people as a I can via large scale fitness events and through my online program 12WBT. I find it much more rewarding helping everyday Australians achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, and the profile I’ve got as a result is really helpful.

So how did you become a Medibank ambassador?

In 2016 I helped launch Personal Better Day, encouraging Australians to achieve a new personal better with parkrun; I ran my 5km with the parkrunners at Rhodes. Since then I’ve been out and about, all over the country, encouraging Australians to lead healthier lifestyles – the partnership is such a natural fit!

And what have you done since then?

So much! I presented winners’ medals at the Melbourne Marathon last October, and at the beginning of the year I helped launch the #LoveMyRescue pet adoption campaign. Having my own rescue pooch, Paddy, Love My Rescue was a cause that was quite close to my heart. I was also lucky enough to march for equality with the Better With A Kiss float at Mardi Gras in March.

Are you keen to try Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation program? Well if you’re a Medibank member you can enjoy 20% off when you sign up!

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