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Meet the trainers: Phil Klathas

With no recent fitness training, Melbourne writer Stephen Russell faces quite the challenge.

What does Stephen’s training for the half-marathon look like?

I believe that mental training comes first. First, understanding the task in hand, then working on aerobic endurance and progressing each session.

Has it changed week to week?

Each session we up our aerobic training by 10% and work on strengthening the body’s core.

What does Stephen’s meal plan for the marathon look like?

It will consist of great quality foods, a further intake of quality carbohydrates, and gradually increasing the portion size per week.

Will it change each week?

Each week we will look to up the intake of good quality carbs. We’ll be aiming for a 60:40 carb to protein ratio leading up to race week, remembering that most people need 30-60 grams of carbs per hour!

What should men Stephen’s age (36), trying to get fit, aim for/avoid with food when training?

  • Great quality high protein diet
  • Clean and lean
  • Cut down on drinking
  • Processed foods do you no favours
  • Understand added sugars and sodium levels in packaged food

What is your advice for people trying to get fit after years of not training?

You need to build your body from the ground up, so that you’re firstly functional. And be patient, it’s all a progression. Then, as you progress, be disciplined with your diet and training: this will strengthen you mentally, and you will reach your goals faster.

Overall, body weight training is the best way for building your foundation, as this will strengthen all body components and condition you evenly.

Phil Klathas trains at PK Fitness.


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