Top Hospital Bonus

Our Top Hospital Bonus contributes to your out-of-pocket costs if you’re admitted for treatment.

Each year you can claim up to $100 for singles, and up to $200 for couples and families for non-medical expenses.

You can use the bonus for non-medical charges relating to a hospital admission. This includes the following things:

Hospital accommodation out-of-pockets – Out-of-pocket charges relating to your accommodation when you are admitted to a non-Members’ Choice hospital (public or private).

CPAP – Out-of-pocket costs associated with CPAP type appliances such as BiPAP,  VPAP and APAP.

Boarder accommodation fees – Payment towards additional charges raised by the hospital for your next of kin to stay in hospital with you.

Wheelchairs and crutches – Payment towards out-of-pocket costs for crutches and wheelchairs which are provided upon your discharge from hospital to help aid your recovery.

The Top Hospital Bonus will not pay for out-of-pocket costs for any medical claims (such as those raised by your doctor or a diagnostic provider), hospital excess or services that are not considered clinically necessary, eg. car parking fees or pay TV.

1. Complete a claim form, available from or any Medibank store.

2. On the claim form, under ‘Claim Type’ please ensure you tick the Top Hospital Bonus box (not the membership bonus box)

3. Attach your invoice and receipt to your claim form.

4. Lodge the form at any Medibank retail store or you can post it to Medibank:

Medibank Private Limited
Reply Paid 9999

No stamp is required

Private Room Promise

When you’re eligible to receive benefits for a hospital stay, and a private room at a Members’ Choice hospital can’t be found with 24 hours’ notice, you’ll receive $50 a night, for up to five nights.

1. Check you have met the eligibility conditions for this benefit;

  • You must request a private room at a Members’ Choice hospital at least 24 hours prior to admission
  • You must be eligible to receive benefits for the treatment you received during your stay.
  • Does not apply for:
    • same day hospital admissions
    • admissions for sleep studies
    • admissions where your doctor considers that you should be located in a shared room for clinical reasons
    • where you were admitted to hospital via the accident and emergency department

2. Fill out a claim form and attach supporting documentation such as a letter from the hospital confirming you requested a private room at least 24 hours prior to your stay.

3. Lodge the form at any Medibank retail store or you can post it to Medibank:

Medibank Private Limited
Reply Paid 9999

No stamp is required

Because eligibility conditions apply, before you’re admitted, make sure you call us on 132 331.

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