Fifty-two Australians died from heart disease each day in 2016. The good news is, there are things you can do to reduce your risk of heart disease, including a heart health check, and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

What is heart disease?

Cardiovascular disease, often referred to as heart disease, includes coronary heart, stroke and blood vessel disease. Coronary heart disease affects the arteries that supply your heart with blood. A fatty material called plaque can build up in these arteries, reducing or blocking blood flow to the heart.

Preventing heart disease

A healthy heart is essential for a long and enjoyable life. It works hard to keep us ticking along and there are things we can do to make its job that little bit easier, while reducing the risk of heart disease and heart attack. The good news is, heart disease can be prevented by making healthy lifestyle changes.


Regular, moderate physical activity is great for your heart health.

Maintaining a healthy diet

Eating a variety of nutritious foods helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Managing your blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels

Managing these factors can help to keep your heart healthy.

Looking after your mental health

People who have depression, are socially isolated or do not have good social support may have a higher risk of heart disease.

Quitting smoking

Smoking affects the vessels that supply blood to your heart and other parts of your body.

Information and tips for a healthy heart

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