Sport and exercise are an important part of a healthy childhood. They can boost your child’s fitness, coordination and teamwork skills, while they’re having fun and socialising. However, they can come with injuries. Take these steps to avoid them:

Better preparation

Make sure your child is prepared with the right playing and safety equipment before they get started.

Better exercise

Encourage participation in a range of sports to avoid injury from overuse, and encourage warm-ups and cool-downs.

Better nutrition

Feeding your child nutritious meals high in energy becomes even more important when they’re playing sport.

Better recovery

Proper recovery helps to keep sport fun, and prevent injuries. It’s also important that kids recover fully from injuries before returning to the field.

Help manage your kids’ exercise program


Set your kids up to play sport safely

Tips to prevent your kids getting hurt.

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Fuel for active kids

Find out more about nutrition and exercise for young people.

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Make recovery a part of the program

Why proper recovery from injuries is so important for kids.

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