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How to take a break from alcohol

Staying away from alcohol for FebFast? Here’s how to make it a whole lot easier for yourself

We all know taking a break from alcohol is good for our bodies – not to mention our wallets. Events like FebFast and its cousins Dry July and Ocsober are a great opportunity to give our health a break, recharge some of our energy and rethink our regular drinking habits.

It might be hard, but drinking less can help you to lose weight, get clearer skin, sleep better, stress less, improve your mood, strengthen your relationships, and even reduce your risk of some health conditions and diseases. And what’s that – a hangover-free weekend? Not a bad deal.

While giving up alcohol entirely probably isn’t realistic for a lot of us, taking a month-long break can be a great way to reset your thinking about alcohol, and hopefully encourage you to drink less (and less frequently) in the long term.

Ready to take on the challenge? Here are some of our top resources to help you:

• Expert advice: How to take a break from drinking. Nutrition expert Associate Professor Tim Crowe shares his wisdom for changing your habits, changing your mindset and overcoming stumbling blocks.

• 9 benefits of a break from alcohol. Slimmer waistline, fatter wallet, hangover-free Sundays… sound good? Here are a few more reasons you’ll be glad you took a break from drinking.

• 7 tips for taking a break from alcohol. There are plenty of things that will challenge you when you’re trying not to drink  a stressful day at work, all your friends down at the pub, a craving for something cool and refreshing. Here’s how to deal with temptation.

• 7 things better than a Friday night drink. You don’t need to drink to have fun. Here are some better ways to spend your time.

• 13 things to do with the money you save on alcohol. Do you know – really know – how much your spending on drinking? We’ve got a few ideas for better ways to spend your money.

• Expert advice: Putting down the glass. Professor Rob Moodie shares another perspective on why cutting back on drinking is a good idea  and how to change your habits.

• Taking back Sunday Morning. Chris Raine, founder of Hello Sunday Morning, shares his story of how a break from alcohol changed his life.

• Bye Bye Booze. Comedian Adam Spenser shares the highs, lows and lessons learned from his month off alcohol.

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