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How to make fitness work for your busy lifestyle

The trick is to be consistent, not perfect, says personal trainer and busy mum Kim Beach.

Kim Beach has helped thousands of women get fit and reach their goals. Most importantly, she’s helped them stay that way.

Kim’s down-to-earth approach to health and fitness is about developing lifelong habits sustainable for busy lives. Here, she shares a few secrets.

We all know quick fixes don’t last. What’s a realistic strategy for a healthier life?

It all comes down to being consistent, not perfect. If you have a bad day or slip up in your healthy eating, it’s okay – dust yourself off and make tomorrow, and your next meal, count. The all or nothing approach doesn’t work. Nobody’s perfect, so making good decisions 80% of the time is what matters.

How do you help your clients make positive and sustainable choices?

The key is getting back to basics and focusing on real food, plus offering a program that is maintainable long term. My programs are all about teaching women basic principles to live by, in order to get results and carry them into the future. Once they’re in a fantastic rhythm with their food, the exercise will flow and they’ll begin to see results.

“It all comes down to being organised. Spending time on a Sunday meal-prepping for the week ahead will become easy quickly.”

Do most women you work with find it harder to improve their eating or exercise habits?

Most clients I work with find food the hardest thing to control. The reality is you can’t out-train a bad diet, so it’s what you eat that’s going to deliver results long-term.

What is ‘positive nutrition’?

Positive nutrition is all about embracing whole foods and forming a healthy relationship with food. Losing weight and getting healthy doesn’t mean reducing your food intake – in fact, the truth is quite the opposite. It’s all about eating food that will fuel your body correctly.

How can people make positive nutrition part of their routine?

To succeed with a healthier lifestyle it all comes down to being organised and listening to the right advice. Spending time on a Sunday meal-prepping for the week ahead will become easy quickly.

Is there a perfect balance between diet and exercise?

I strongly believe that 80% of staying healthy comes down to what you eat. Real food is so important and can be the difference between feeling amazing and sluggish. Pairing a great nutritional plan with weights training – which is really important for women – and some weekly cardio is the key. Being smarter with your food will take the pressure off having to train for hours on end.

If you only had 20 minutes to exercise each day, what would you do?

I would definitely do a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session. HIIT gets your heart rate up and it’s a fantastic fat burner. My session would be either stairs or some hill sprints, both of which I can do anywhere.

What have you learnt from the women you’ve trained?

I’ve learnt that giving women unconditional support makes them unstoppable. Every woman who joins my programs becomes part of an exclusive online community. There they can ask questions and talk to each other. The groups are monitored by my team, so the ladies receive responses quickly to help them stay on track. It’s incredible watching everyone support each other. Positivity is a powerful thing!

Favourite recipes in your book for winter?

I would have to say the Chicken and Quinoa Meatloaf and the 5 Minute Chocolate Cake are among my favourites. Both can be found on my website.

For nutritional advice, workout plans, and delicious, healthy recipes, grab a copy of Beach Fit, available nationwide.

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