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Healthy tech and gadgets Pt. 4

Fire up your health and fitness with the latest tech gear.

Polar Loop 

It’s all about small steps every day. Get moving and celebrate your progress with Polar Loop, a clever movement tracker that monitors all the active choices you make during the day, giving you feedback to show you the benefits. Set yourself a challenge, and glance down at your bracelet throughout the day to see how you’re tracking – it’s the perfect reminder and inspiration to keep going. The info syncs with your smartphone and the web so you can easily keep an exercise diary, detailing when you’ve climbed the stairs, conquered that bike ride, and met your daily goals.


Happiness is something we all aspire to – and luckily, it’s something you have limitless capacity for. This creative, science-based web app is a like fitness coach for your mental health, with exercises designed to help you savor, thank, aspire, give, and emphathise. Each day when you log in to Happify, you are offered new activities that when completed regularly, can help you to build skills for a happier and more fulfilling life. Created by scientists and game designers, these simple and engaging activites are based on research from psychologists and neuroscientists at leading institutions around the world, who believe that with a bit of training, you can find the confidence, motivation and inner calm to take control over your happiness.

Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS

Love your treadlie and like to monitor your performance? Attach this small, lightweight GPS device to your handlebars and track your distance covered, speed, elevation and location. This smart gadget gives you an easy way to keep note of metrics like heart rate, calories burned and how long and far you’ve travelled. When you get home, simply sync it up to your computer and you can analyse your achievements to your heart’s content.

Speedo Fit

Take a leaf out of the Olympic training book. Speedo Fit is a unique online resource, created in partnership with Eamon Sullivan and Geoff Huegill, that helps you become the best swimmer you can be, whether your goal is to tone up, get fit, improve your technique, become faster, or just feel more confident slicing through the water. With detailed swim specific programs for all different levels, an eating plan to help you get the most from your routine, how-to videos, technique tips and product recommendations, Speedo Fit is the ultimate online swim coach.


Work out to your favourite tracks, without tangled headphone cords getting in your way. This sleek set of Bluetooth headphones connect to a slim and comfortable neck collar, perfect for runners, cyclers, weight lifters and any kind of fitness fanatic. The collar has a set of simple buttons to control the music, but providing great quality sound isn’t all this gadget is good for – it doubles as an activity tracker, letting you monitor distance, time and calories burned. A biometric sensor in the right earbud even offers heart-rate feedback.

Cook app 

Fancy yourself something of a Master Chef? Cook is your own customised, digital cookbook, where you can store all your favourite recipes, no matter how simple or complicated. Personalise your cover and start adding your latest creations, family recipes, tips and tricks, and of course, your photos of the finished product. Share with your friends, and browse for other cookbooks and recipes from all around the world. You’ll never be lost for foodie inspiration again.

Xbox Fitness 

This is a whole new way of exercising that lets you work out with the world’s most popular trainers, all from your living room. Xbox Kinect’s HD infrared camera puts your silhouette next to Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Tony Horton of P90X or Shaun T of Insanity, challenging you to an A-list workout and offering real-time, personalised feedback. Sensors track which muscles are most engaged when you move by looking at the power, force and transfer of weight in the body, as well as tracking your balance, pace and form. You can also track your heart rate and estimated calories burned, without needing a separate monitor. If you’re after a little motivation to challenge yourself and give it your all, here it is.

Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Arm yourself with all the information you need to take charge of your weight. This advanced smart scale measures your weight, body-fat percentage and BMI, providing you with a more detailed picture that can help you see how your weight is changing over time. For fans of the popular activity tracker FitBit, the Aria scale automatically and wirelessly syncs with your account, giving you more stats, graphs and tools to keep you feeling motivated and in control.‎

What’s your target heart rate? Find out with our free online max heart rate calculator.

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