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Core 150 shaker cup
Love your healthy shakes? Whether you like to power up your nutrition at the gym or at the office, the Core 150 shaker cup gives you an easy way to store and transport all your ingredients, so you have the perfect amount of your protein powders, supplements and cut-up fruits and vegetables there for you when you’re ready to mix. The trick is a removable, stacked storage system that sits in the core of the bottle, holding up to four mixes of 50 grams in separate, hygienic compartments. When you take it out, you’re left with a functional, easy to clean, 1 litre sports bottle to drink from. Best of all for the style-conscious, it comes in five vibrant colours, so you’ll look as fresh as you feel.

Burto Bungee
Packed up to a light bundle the size of a football, this is a gym you can take with you – and get a real, full-body workout wherever you are. The Burto Bungee was designed by a group of Canberra-based personal trainers to provide a huge range of resistance workouts, all with a couple of bands, an anchor point and your own resistance. This clever device works using Variable Resistance – the same technique used in bungy jumping to gradually slow the jumper down. To increase the resistance, all you need to do is step further away from the anchor point to change the angles. From lunges to flys to far beyond, almost any exercise you do at the gym can be done using the Bungee – just get started and feel your strength build.

Whip yourself into fighting shape with the CrossRope system, designed to provide a cardio and strength workout to suit any level of fitness. Made up of cables of varying weights and thicknesses that attach to specially designed handles, this clever piece of fitness equipment lets you tailor the resistance to match your goals. If speed and agility is your aim, a lighter rope will get you moving lightning-fast, while a heavier cable adds a challenging strength workout to the mix, targeting your shoulders, biceps and triceps as well as the lower-body muscles usually worked by skipping. Changing cables is just a simple clip-out, clip-in, so you can easily swap between the seven weight categories as you go.

If you like a bit of healthy competition to motivate your workouts, Fitocracy is the social network for you. This vibrant online community is devoted to gamified fitness, with over a million users recording their workouts, collecting points for different exercises, and sharing each success with their friends and followers. No more flooding your other social feeds with your exercise updates – your friends on Fitocracy actually care. Challenge a friend to a duel (say, who can run the greatest distance in a month), or take on personal quests (like trying a new exercise or lifting a new highest weight) to earn extra points and celebrate your progress by moving up through the levels. Oh, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is a member – if it’s good enough for Arnie, it’s good enough for us.

Green Kitchen
Natural health goddess Miranda Kerr lists Green Kitchen among her favourite apps, and it’s easy to see why. Based on the popular Green Kitchen Stories blog, this well-designed app is packed full of ideas and recipes for organic, vegetarian meals made up of whole grains, seeds, unrefined sugars and good fats. Beautiful images of each recipe are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions, with an interactive list of ingredients that can be used to create a shopping list and sent by email or SMS, making healthy cooking simple.

ABC Vegie Guide
Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just want to get started out with your first vegie patch, ABC Vegie Guide is a useful tool to help you work out what to plant and when. Created by the ABC’s Gardening Australia, this app gives you the knowledge to produce healthy and nutritious fresh crops throughout the year based on the climate and area you’re in. Browse the ‘Nursery’ for information and tips on what to plant month by month, and keep a record of what you’re growing in your ‘Patch’, where you can set up your preferences to get prompts when your plants should be ready to harvest.

Bose sport headphones
There’s nothing like great music to boost your workout motivation. Research has shown that listening to music can help you to work harder while feeling better – and now, audio kings Bose have designed some slick new headphones specially engineered for exercise. The Bose SIE2 and SIE2i sport headphones provide clear, rich sound, with advanced tips that sit comfortably and securely in your ear while you’re moving about, even during strenuous workouts. They’re durable, sweat- and weather-resistant, and they look pretty stylish. Plus, an included Reebok fitness armband keeps your music player safely in place, doubling as storage for your headphones when your workout is over.

Garmin Forerunner 620 and 220
Train smarter with the newest, thinnest, lightest and most advanced GPS running watches from Garmin. The Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 220 are packed with cutting-edge features to help you measure your progress and achieve new goals. The comfortable, lightweight design and colour touchscreen gives you an effortless way to track your run, and the advanced technology provides all the stats you need to see how your improving and what your next goals should be – all of which you can share with your friends using Garmin Connect. When teamed up with the Garmin HRM-Run heart rate monitor, the watch offers extra-fancy functions, including a VO2 max estimate (a good indicator of your current athletic capability), a race predictor (telling you what race time you should be able to make based on your current level) and a recovery check (offering real-time advice on how long you should wait before your next hard workout).


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