Productive Partnerships

Melbourne University

Stick With It: examining exercise adherence among people with knee osteoarthritis

Exercise is recommended by all clinical guidelines for people with knee osteoarthritis (OA), irrespective of disease severity, pain levels and functional status. However, multiple studies have shown that the benefits of exercise decline rapidly over time, and poor adherence to prescribed exercise programs has been identified as an important factor limiting longer-term effectiveness.

TMedibank is committed to prevention and improved management of musculoskeletal conditions with a specific focus on osteoarthritis. That’s why we’re partnering with Melbourne University on this project aimed at examining exercise adherence among people with knee osteoarthritis.

Adherence to exercise is a complex and multidimensional problem and as a result, it is both difficult to measure and difficult to improve. This PhD project aims to explore patterns of adherence to exercise, examine the validity of commonly used measures of adherence and evaluate interventions specifically aimed at increasing adherence to exercise.

The knowledge gained from this thesis will lay the optimal foundation for the evaluation of evidence based interventions to improve adherence to exercise in a randomised controlled trial.

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