Live Better

Healthy tech and gadgets Pt. 3

The latest fitness, food and wellbeing gadgets to fire up your healthy lifestyle.



Breathe deeply with Spire, an elegant pebble that takes Zen to a new, high-tech place. You’ve got your Fitbit on your wrist tracking your exercise – now here’s a gadget that measures the frequency and intensity of your breathing, letting you know when you need to calm down and de-stress. Decades of research have shown clear links between body, breath and mind, and this gadget aims to help you become more aware of your breathing patterns, so you can start to control it. The stone-shaped Spire clips to your belt or bra strap – anywhere that will hold it close to the torso – and uses sensors to monitor and analyse your breathing patterns in real time. When it detects fast, heavy breathing, it alerts you with a suggestion to take a few deep breaths to relax.

Goji Play

If you get bored at the gym pounding the treadmill, this is the device for you. Goji Play turns any piece of cardio equipment into an interactive game machine, with wireless controllers and an activity sensor that attach to the machine and your iPad or iPhone. Choose from a variety of games that use your movement and watch as real-time fitness metrics are displayed. Research has shown that making your workout fun helps you to go harder and get better results – so plug in and see your efforts go to new levels.

Sensoria smart clothing

Take your heart rate monitor and pair it with smart clothing, and you’ve got one clever, convenient and comfortable way to measure your workout performance. The Sensoria range of sports bras and t-shirts come embedded with textile sensors that, when combined with a heart rate monitor (either Sensoria’s own device or a product from other leading brands like Garmin and Polar), provide accurate heart rate data, without the discomfort of typical straps. The textile electrodes keep the device securely in place, so you can just focus on your workout. Designed and made in Italy from quality, machine-washable material, the garments also have multiple breathing zones to keep you cool and dry throughout your workout.

Oral-B SmartSeries 5000 electric toothbrush

Keep those pearly whites healthy, clean and bright with Oral-B’s most technologically advanced toothbrush. The ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 provides seriously good cleaning and plaque removal that is gentle on teeth and gums, with brilliant whitening and polishing. But that’s not all it does – the wireless SmartGuide gives you dentist’s advice and expert feedback to improve your brushing technique. Pressure sensors stop the pulsations when you’re brushing too hard, the indicator bristles let you know when it’s time to replace your brush head, and a two-minute timer with 30-second interval prompts guides you through the four quadrants of the mouth, so you can be sure you’re spending enough time brushing properly.

Approach S6

Enhance your golf game with your own digital caddy – Garmin’s slim, lightweight GPS golf watch. The clever Approach S6 is the first sports watch to provide swing metrics, offering golfers feedback on each swing’s tempo, strength, positioning and more, so whether you’re a golfing pro or just starting out you can measure your variations and improve your technique. A range of performance and training data is displayed on an advanced colour touchscreen, which is designed to be readable in the sunlight without glare. The Approach S6 also has full-colour course views and more than 30,000 international golf courses already stored in its memory.


How healthy is your beverage? Vessyl is a unique drinking cup that uses internal sensors to analyse the nutritional content of whatever you’re drinking. Sleek and elegant and available in black, white or silver, the thermos-like cup features a digital display that tells you things like the calories, fat, sugar, protein and caffeine content of your drink. It also syncs with your smartphone to track your goals, and it can even monitor your hydration levels and let you throughout the day if you need to drink more water.

Milestone Pod

Is it time for new running shoes? As a general guide, runners should replace their footwear every 700-800 km. Enter Milestone Pod, a clever device that loops through your shoelaces and tracks the mileage of your footwear as you run, letting you know when it’s time for a new pair. Syncing via bluetooth to provide data to the free Milestone Pod app, the device stores detailed workout information included overall mileage, individual run mileage and pace for up to two weeks. Developed by runners for runners, it’s a simple, low cost way to ensure your over-used runners don’t cause injury, while helping you tally your strides.


Keep safe on your bike at night with the brilliant – in more ways than one – Revolights. These vibrant LED rings mount onto the wheels of your bike, with smart technology that detects your speed and gives you 360 degree illumination, increasing visibility from the side. You’ll always be seen in the dark with these clever beams lighting your way.

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