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Health Shelf with Ash Hart

Green smoothies, laughter and yoga are key ingredients in Ash Hart’s life.

Australian model Ashley Hart is a qualified yoga teacher and uses her daily practice to connect with her body, clear her mind and energise her spirit. Based in Los Angeles, a city brimming with like-minded people passionate about health and fitness, Ashley finds the sense of community cultivated through yoga a special part of the practice. With health and wellness such a focus of hers, she shares what items are on her pantry shelf and some of the ways she keeps her mental and physical health in top shape.

What is on your pantry shelf?

Muesli – Muesli is my staple for slow release energy all day. I try to make my own and it’s great to mix and match ingredients for different varieties. I’m usually out the door early in the morning so I’ll simply add yoghurt, fresh fruit and toasted almonds.

Pomegranate – These tiny pockets of nutty sweetness are the perfect snack and are a great addition to a mid week salad. Added bonus, they support healthy, glowing skin.

Green Tea – There are heaps of benefits todrinking green tea during the day, it is full of antioxidants and can stimulate digestion when you’ve had a big lunch. I enjoy switching up a coffee for a green tea later in the day to ensure I get a good night sleep.

Honey – Nature’s little way to sweeten up every recipe. It is hard to find anything that doesn’t taste good after a dash of honey.

Chia Seeds – I have a little bit of a sweet tooth, so my chia seeds soaked in coconut milk with cinnamon, dates and cacao nibs topped with smashed banana is a dessert you can have any time of the day.

Swisse Beauty Superfood – This little gem is an addition to all my favourite smoothie recipes, I just sprinkle a bit of the powder into a blender with soy milk, banana, honey and an apple to give it an extra boost. It supports my beauty regime with 100% goji berry and sea buckthorn extract.

What do you do to keep healthy?

I exercise every day, starting with stretching when I get up. I love doing yoga, particularly Kundalini Yoga at the moment. It makes me feel very energised. It’s all about awareness and focusing your spiritual energy. It helps you cultivate your creative spiritual potential.

How do you keep mentally healthy?

I meditate daily to clear my mind of the clutter of everyday life. I find that meditation, reading, being outdoors and staying connected to my family in Australia keeps me going.

What food and drinks do you love that contribute to your health?

I try to eat as much fresh food as possible and drink lots of fresh juices. Something that I find myself reaching for is my Swisse Superfood Digestion powder. I add it in when I blend up a green smoothie and it keeps me energised all day. I am not obsessed with eating healthy though, as in I don’t let it rule my life. It’s good to treat yourself now and again.

Who inspires you to be healthy?

Everyone who I meet on my travels inspires me to live life to the fullest. I strongly believe that happiness starts with your physical being and healthiness equals happiness.

For those who haven’t tried yoga, why would you recommend it?

It’s great for your core strength and long term health. It’s also designed to be shared, so it connects people and cultivates a sense of community.

What is the beat health advice you have received?

Laugh a lot.

You balance work, exercise and training. What tips do you have for people looking to achieve this balance?

People often say they don’t have time to train or exercise. But if you look for it, you can make time. It’s really not that difficult when you love the activity you choose. Don’t let work rule your life. By being mentally and physically healthy, you will be so much more productive at work!

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