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Health shelf – Lisa Weightman

Whether it's on the track or in the office, Lisa Weightman knows how to set—and reach—her goals.

Running personal bests, making top 20 at the London Olympics and kicking goals in her corporate job, she sets the bar incredibly high and remains focused to ensure success. Here are a few items that help her along the way to achieving her goals.

Ascend Protein Recovery: As a marathon runner, completing 160-180km per week in training I tend to push myself beyond my limits.  Getting enough protein into my body to speed up recovery from one training run to the next helps the body build and repair itself in time to get that extra bit out of myself.

Adidas Training & Racing Shoes: I love colour and Adidas does too!  My racing shoes change in colour every year which not only makes me feel fast running in them but positive and confident too. I have a pair of Adidas Adios racing shoes as a keepsake in a different colour for every marathon I have run since 2010.

Garmin GPS watch: With my coach Dr Richard Telford living in Canberra, he keeps tabs on my training through the data provided by my Garmin GPS running watch.  I email him after every training run with commentary on how I felt. I sometimes joke about putting the watch on the local dog to do the session for me!

Tea: There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea from T2 a few hours after a long run and a hot shower. Making a pot of tea is something that has been passed on from my gran and nan, through to my mum and down to my sister and I.  A lot of problems get solved on a run with my husband and over a cup of tea with family.

Q&A with Lisa Weightman

Who are the biggest influences on your career?

My dad. Through his way of life and through how he brought us up, he’s taught us that no matter how hard things get, you never give up, and that’s the type of behaviour you need to be a marathon runner.  Also my coach Dick, I remember as a youngster he used to coach Lisa Ondieki and I remember thinking it was amazing watching her at the Olympics. She’s got the same name as me and I wanted to be her and to be coached by Dick – and now I’m living that dream.

Can you pick a career highlight?

Winning the bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. I figured if I got through that I could get through anything in life. It was such a difficult event in those conditions and it had always been a dream to medal for Australia.

Describe the toughest running course you’ve experienced?

Delhi was the hardest. There were very few spectators on the course, we could actually hear our feet tapping as we hit the ground, it was that quiet. It was extremely hot, extremely high humidity and very polluted. To run 42km in that kind of climate was pretty challenging.

Are you quite structured with what you eat and drink during an event or do you play it by ear?

It’s a very scientific plan. With Dick being a doctor in sports physiology, I’ve got a bit of an advantage. Everything is down to the last detail, to the point of him actually sitting with me in 2009 in Berlin before the World Championships and telling me exactly what to eat.

You balance work, exercise and training. What tips do you have for people looking to achieve this balance?

You have to set your priorities, that’s the key. You have to say what are the top two things that are my most important goals in life and what are the things that I will do each day to contribute to those goals. You also need a good support team. My husband trains with me, he was a 1500m runner and he’s spent the last few years training with me.

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