The effects of excessive sugar consumption.

The effects of sugar on the body.

It’s not uncommon for Aussies to indulge in sugary treats from time-to-time. According to the Medibank Better Health Index, nearly half of us (48.5%) consumed a soft drink in the last week.

But when one treat becomes many -- resulting in a sugar binge -- we can end up feeling tired and sometimes even more hungry than before. So, why is this the case?

Sugar hitting your system

When you eat processed sugary food, your digestive system breaks it down and absorbs the sugar, which is mostly glucose. As a result, your blood glucose levels increase. The pancreas then reacts to glucose levels rising by releasing insulin, a hormone which takes glucose out of the blood, and into the body’s cells where it’s used as fuel, or stored for later. While insulin plays a few roles, its main job is to quickly bring blood glucose levels back to normal.