Six tips for taking care of growing kids.

Identifying common childhood illnesses.

Children grow so quickly, and so do their health needs. We spoke to Medibank Chief Medical Officer and mum, Dr Linda Swan, about her tips on how growing families can look after their children’s health and wellbeing as they grow.

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1. Find a GP you can trust

Develop a good relationship with your family general practitioner. Having a trustworthy GP who knows your child when they’re healthy, and also when they’re sick will reassure you when you’re alarmed.

2. Understand the common lurgies

Doctors regularly see the common cold, flu, upset tummies, gastro, rashes, asthma and allergies in young children. It’s always concerning when your child is sick, but rest assured -- most of these illnesses are not serious.

However, if you’re ever worried, 24-hour helplines are a good place to start -- they can help you decide if your little one requires medical care.

3. Trust your parenting instinct

As a parent, you know your child and what is considered ‘normal’. If they’re excessively sleepy, confused, unhappy, or simply just not being themselves, this could be cause for concern. When accompanied by a fever, an aggressive rash, wheezing, vomiting or an inability to hold down fluids with a high temperature, seek medical assistance immediately.

4. Maintain early health checks

When taking your child for immunisations, other little checks will be done at the same time to see that your baby is developing normally. This gives your GP a chance to explain what to do if there are any health conditions that need support or correction.

5. Encourage physical activity

Staying fit and healthy is important for growing kids. However, it’s important parents ensure children know how to warm up and down properly, as this will help avoid injuries from occurring.

6. Check your health cover

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to re-evaluate your family’s private health cover. There are many options available for all family types. To read more about Medibank’s Growing Families packages, see here.

For more information on family health, visit Better Families.