New Medibank data shows nearly half of us are using technology to support our health goals. Is it making a difference?

Does wearable fitness technology work?

Computers, smartphones and smart watches…technology is constantly changing the way we live, and our health and wellbeing is no exception.

New research* from Medibank reveals 46% of all Australians are now using technology to support their health goals - with wearable devices and apps available to track fitness, diet, sleep and mindfulness.

The younger generation has embraced ‘tech’ for health, with 18 to 34 year olds more likely to use health apps or devices (73%), compared to 43% for 34 to 64 year olds and 18% of those over 65 years.

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According to the data, wearable devices are having a positive impact, with 80% of users noticing improvements in their health and wellbeing since using health technology – more than half of them within a few weeks.

“Health trackers and health apps are great because they help us to set goals and stick to them. They shine a light on achievement, and achievement makes us feel great,” says Medibank’s Olly Bridge.

“The research shows that three quarters of those using apps and wearable technology say they feel more accountable for their health with 57% adjusting their behaviour to increase activity.”

With so many Australians struggling to meet the recommended physical activity guidelines, and eat enough fruit and vegetables, it seems tools to help you track your activity and health goals can only be a good thing.

*The research was conducted by Bastion Latitude, with more than 1,000 Australians, nationally representative on age, gender and location.

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