New Medibank research finds Aussies are struggling to keep up with ‘life-admin’, even when it comes to their health.

Australia currently has 238 million ‘life admin’ items on its collective to-do list

How do you feel about ‘life admin’? Are you the type who likes to get it done right away or do you procrastinate until it’s almost too late?

According to new Medibank research, Australia currently has 238 million ‘life admin’ items on its collective to-do list, with the average person grappling with 13 outstanding tasks. That’s why it comes as no surprise that two in three (64%) Australians feel their ‘life admin’ to-do list is becoming ‘never-ending’, and three quarters (76%) feel a sense of dread regarding their to-do list tasks.

‘Life admin’ woes putting health at risk

The research found Australians are struggling to keep up with ‘life admin’, particularly when it comes to their health. The findings show a quarter of us (23%) are more likely to put up with health symptoms instead of seeking professional help. One in four Aussies (25%) turned to the internet for answers because they couldn't conveniently access doctor, with women turning to 'Dr Google' more often than men (31% vs. 19% of males). What’s more, women were also found to be more likely to avoid important medical appointments (75% vs. 62% of males).

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Commenting on the findings, Medibank Clinical Director, Dr Sue Abhary said, “What is concerning about not being able to keep up with ‘life admin’ is that we can see this may be impacting people’s health, from skipping appointments to putting up with symptoms. This is why we’re aiming to make it easier to stay on top of your health and admin with around-the-clock help on hand, with 24/7 online chat and the Medibank app.”

Medibank now offers its members around-the-clock service – being Australia’s only private health insurance provider to offer 24/7 online chat – as well as a new Medibank app, which helps members check limits, find Members’ Choice providers and submit claims. Further leading the way, members with hospital cover can seek professional help from a Medibank nurse via the 24/7 Health Advice Line. Members with Overseas Student Health Cover can contact the 24/7 Student Health and Support Line and access their cover online.

For more advice on how to use your health cover, visit My Medibank.