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Curl up with a good book and be inspired! These are the latest health books on our shelf.

health books Complete Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep by Dr Carmel Harrington

Complete Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep by Dr Carmel Harrington

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, you’re not alone. Sleep medicine research scientist Dr Carmel Harrington says between 20 and 30 per cent of the population experience problems with falling or staying asleep.

In this book, she provides a comprehensive overview of the process of sleep, the different reasons why people have trouble sleeping, the behaviour patterns that hinder restful sleep, and concrete advice on achieving deep, rejuvenating sleep every night. This is an incredibly useful resource for anyone who desires a few more Zs.

health books The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandi

The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin

One in 88 children is diagnosed on the autism spectrum – but this isn’t necessarily bad news. Academic, author and autism activist Temple Grandin (arguably one of the most accomplished adults with autism in the world) argues that by fostering autistic children’s unique strengths rather than focusing too much on their weaknesses, autism can become a gift, rather than a disability.

This new book weaves together Grandin’s personal experiences with research from the forefront of autism science, looking at the transformation in our understanding of the condition, and the latest innovative explorations into causes and treatments. Both inspiring and enlightening, The Autistic Brain is a powerful book that provides a fascinating insight into the workings and experiences of a different kind of mind.

health books cookbooks Healthy Every Day by Pete Evans

Healthy Every Day by Pete Evans

Cook up a nourishing, delicious storm with Australian foodie favourite Pete Evans. In Healthy Every Day, the host of My Kitchen Rules shares 120 paleo-inspired breakfasts, curries, burgers and more that he regularly cooks for his family.

Loads of fresh veggies, nuts and seeds, sustainable seafood and meat, and no gluten, sugar or dairy… these recipes offer light and healthy versions of much-loved dishes from the Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Morocco, Japan and more. Try some crispy kale chips for a healthy snack, or a nutritious take on your favourite burger with the lot.

health books The Back Pain Personal Health Plan by Trish Wisbey-Roth and Nick Sinfield

The Back Pain Personal Health Plan by Trish Wisbey-Roth and Nick Sinfield

Take control of your back pain with this comprehensive self-help manual, written by two physiotherapists with over 30 years combined experience. The Back Pain Personal Health Plan – Bounce Back Edition is an accessible and straight-forward guide to managing everyday neck and back pain.

Based on the latest research and clinical evidence, this book helps you to understand the real causes of back and neck pain, identify muscle tightness and imbalances, and use stretching to ease the build-up of tense muscles. Gradually, you will learn to strengthen your back muscles, gain more mobility and increase your confidence, through effective and easy-to-follow exercises.

health books The Patient Chef cookbook

The Patient Chef

The Patient Chef is a cookbook with a difference. Together with recipes contributed by renowned chefs including Kylie Kwong, Maggie Beer, Guillaume Brahimi and Serge Dansereau, this slim and accessible book brings together favourite recipes used and recommended by cancer sufferers, their families and carers.

From soups and risottos to smoothies and sweet treats, these nutritious dishes are all relatively simple to make, using everyday ingredients found in most kitchen cupboards, and stories and tips from cancer patients bring a personal touch to each page. Proceeds from this book go towards the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, a leading cancer research centre. View a delicious baked chicken and pumpkin risotto recipe from The Patient Chef on be.

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