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Health blogger – Emma Stirling

Accredited Practising Dietitian Emma Stirling shares nutrition news at

Why did you decide to start a health blog?

There is far too much nutrition confusion and many urban myths that need setting straight.  With the power of social media we can band together with international colleagues to promote the same credible, key messages.

How do you decide what health topics to cover in your blog?

Due to our extensive networks, food and health trends are on our radar. We are constantly getting alerts to potentially dangerous dieting practices or attending the latest health conference. The beauty of blogging is that when an inaccurate or hot news story hits, we can post immediately and not wait for the six-month lead time of a magazine article. We also act as ambassadors for World Vision and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day and believe in the power of blogging for social good.

Are there particular health topics that get consistently high engagement with your readers?

Our original recipes are some of our most popular content and it’s great to show people that dietitians love food! Based in Melbourne, we also talk about our amazing local produce, farmers, chefs and food festivals and encourage more people to understand and respect food provenance.

In your opinion, what are the biggest future health issues facing Australia?

Our daily environment is changing so rapidly. In some ways technology has become our greatest weakness. We need to constantly work against an environment that tries to slow us down all day and gives us a ready supply of kilojoule rich food. But I’m hopeful that digital technology can also be our greatest strength and provide health solutions to drive lifestyle behaviour change.

How has digital publishing and the internet influenced the way we access health information?

We live in a digital age of information overload where it’s easy for anyone to become an ‘expert’ with enough bells and whistles or followers. Try not to take a tweet or Facebook update on face value. Always click through the link, be mindful of the source of your health information online and look to credible experts and organisations.

Do you have any interesting blogging stories you would like to share?

I’ve made so many fabulous networks through twitter, including global colleagues. During the Japan Tsunami I was tweeting live with a local dietitian while she huddled under an office table in downtown Tokyo. This real-time experience compelled me to team up with other bloggers globally as part of the ‘For Japan with Love’ blogger fundraiser.

What are your top three tips for people to live for better health?

Respect and love your body.

Respect and love your food.

Respect and seek out health experts.

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