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    Health blogger – Cassie Mendoza-Jones

    Naturopathy and natural medicine are explored in Cassie’s blog elevatevitality.com.au

    Why did you decide to start a health blog?

    Blogging is a way for me to reach more people than just those I see in my practice. I also love writing, so I get to do two things I love; write, and inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle.

    How do you decide what health topics to cover in your blog?

    Topics will often relate to seasonal issues such as colds and flu in winter, and detoxing in spring and summer. I also find that some weeks in my practice, all my clients seem to talk to me about similar things, for example a lot of hormonal issues may come up, so then I’ll write a post about that.

    Are there particular health topics that get consistently high engagement with your readers?

    Weight loss always gets high engagement, and so too do any topics relating to anxiety, stress, depression and mental health, as well as hormonal issues and how to balance hormones. A lot of the posts I write about self-acceptance and simple ways to improve your health are also really popular.

    In your opinion, what are the biggest future health issues facing Australia?

    I think there are large public health concerns regarding mental illness, cardiovascular health and cancer, and then a lot of smaller concerns, on a more individualised scale, which are sometimes ignored or deemed as less important. These include hormonal balance, energy and fatigue, digestive issues and immunity. There isn’t a strong push for preventative health care in Australia, and I would love to see that change.

    How has digital publishing and the internet influenced the way we access health information?

    In a positive way, it’s easier to reach far more people and help educate them to live a healthier lifestyle. However there will always be websites and blogs that publish articles with absolutely no scientific or evidence-based information, and this can negatively affect people’s health. Finding health information online can be wonderful and rewarding, it’s just important to trust the source.

    What are your top three tips for people to live for better health?

    1. My first tip is to always find what works for you. Be it diet changes, lifestyle or exercise, it’s important to find what makes you feel great and always ask for support from family, friends or professionals if you need it.

    2. Prevention is always better than cure. If you don’t feel completely well, there’s usually someone out there who can help you, if you’re willing to find them and put in a little effort.

    3. Look after your body with nutritious food and exercise, but also look after your mind and spirit with yoga, meditation, self-care and rest. Optimal health is a gentle balancing act of all three, it’s important to nourish all aspects of your health, not just the physical side.

    Visit Cassie’s blog at elevatevitality.com.au

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