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    Hanging ten with Laura Enever

    Inside the life of a pro surfer, from favourite foods to road trip classics.

    With a social following in the hundreds of thousands, Australian surfing sensation Laura Enever has people hanging on to her every tweet, pic and video. Currently in the top 10 ASP World Title rankings, Laura is an ambitious athlete with a passion for good health and promoting a nutritionally balanced lifestyle as an ambassador for five:am yoghurt. She gives us the 10 to one rundown on all things Laura Enever.

    10 places around the world to surf

    1. My home break where I grew up surfing in Narrabeen, Australia
    2. The North Shore Hawaii
    3. Snapper Rocks, Australia
    4. Mentawaii Islands
    5. Tahiti
    6. Maui
    7. Bali
    8. Fiji
    9. Mexico
    10. Brazil

    Nine essential songs /bands for a road trip

    1. Juicy by Notorious BIG
    2. Pure Shores by All Saints
    3. Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry
    4. Rihanna
    5. Beyoncé
    6. Drake
    7. Disclosure
    8. The Lumineers
    9. The XX

    Eight exercises to keep toned

    1. Planks (30 seconds all sides)
    2. Squats
    3. Lunges
    4. Sprints
    5. Workouts with lightweights
    6. Crunches
    7. Push-ups
    8. Burpees

    Seven ways to enjoy life

    1. Love and laugh
    2. Be grateful
    3. Enjoy the little things
    4. Wake up early
    5. Get outdoors
    6. Ride a wave
    7. Write a bucket list and complete it!

    Six favourite foods

    1. Green smoothies
    2. Apples and peanut butter
    3. Bircher muesli and five:am organic yoghurt
    4. Roast vegetables
    5. Salmon and steamed veggies
    6. Beetroot and goats cheese salad

    Five things people don’t know about me

    1. I make great smoothies
    2. I have a slight online shoe shopping obsession
    3. I cannot sing to save my life
    4. But I can kind of rap
    5. I can DJ

    Four best surfers of all time

    1. Kelly Slater
    2. Lisa Anderson
    3. Andy Irons
    4. Joel Parkinson

    Three people you should follow on social media

    1. Cara Delevingne
    2. Failclips
    3. Animalsfunny

    Two things I want to achieve in 2014

    1. Complete at least five things on my bucket list
    2. Make the top five on the world tour

    One thing I do everyday

    1. Surf and make a green smoothie with five:am organic Greek style yoghurt

    To learn more about Laura visit lauraenever.com.au and follow her adventures on Twitter or Instagram.

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