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Make your kitchen a little lighter, fresher and tastier with these three new cookbooks.

The Clean Eating Cookbook and Diet

Get on the path to a more energised life with over 100 healthy recipe ideas. This book outlines the essential principals of clean eating, with a season-by-season guide to the freshest, healthiest items to fill your fridge and cupboards with. From basics like sauteed spinach and brussels sprouts with lemon, to more exquisite treats like papaya coconut chia pudding, The Clean Eating Cookbook and Diet provides you with recipes that will get you feeling bright, light and nourished, with tips and tricks along the way such as a detailed guide to using herbs and spices to add flavour, making healthy home cooking a breeze. To really get started on a lifestyle change, you can follow the comprehensive 14-day meal plan and shopping list, or pick and choose from your favourites. Our picks? Try the baked halibut vegetable casserole, huevos rancheros wraps, almond quinoa squares, grilled pineapple with cinnamon yoghurt sauce, and the roasted pepper and lentil soup.

Juicing for Beginners

Make your life juicier with this comprehensive guide to vitamin-rich beverages. Perfect for summer, Juicing for Beginners is a great introduction to juicing, with over 100 easy recipes ranging from fruity delights like sparkling kiwi pineapple juice, cilantro strawberry banana juice and melon agua fresca, to veggie-filled choices like sweet potato power juice or calming carrot juice. There’s also information on choosing a juicer, a guide to using healthy supplements such as wheatgrass, whey powder and aloe vera, and nutritional information for each juice ingredient.

Vegan Cookbook for Beginners

If the word ‘vegan’ conjures up images of wilted lettuce leaves and a sad carrot stick, think again. This cookbook brings together more than 150 filling and flavoursome plant-based recipes, with meal plans and ideas that prove a vegan diet can be rich, colourful and satisfying. With useful information on the ideas and health benefits of veganism, suggestions fro making the transition sensibly, practical ideas for meat and egg replacements, and advice on equipping your kitchen and stocking your pantry, Vegan Cookbook for Beginners is the perfect introduction to a thriving vegan lifestyle. Try the black bean vegetable enchiladas, cilantro quinoa burgers, couscous stuffed baked tomatoes or lemon-garlic squash and linguine – followed up of course with a fresh dessert like the raspberry lime sorbet or mixed berry mint salad.

The Clean Eating Cookbook and Diet, Juicing for Beginners and Vegan Cookbook for Beginners are available now from Exisle Publishing.

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