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No time for grocery shopping? Get a taste of the blooming world of home-delivered fresh produce

While there’s plenty to be said for weekend market visits, buying direct from local growers and sampling seasonal treats while you shop, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Weekends fill up, weeknights get busy and before you know it, you’re ordering take away because you don’t have anything in the crisper.

Home-delivered fruit, vegetables and now a plethora of other grocery items can be a great solution, ensuring you’ve got everything at your disposal to make fresh, home-cooked meals each night, even when you’re short on time.

Keen to get on board, Medibank member Georgia road-tested three of Sydney’s home delivery services. Here’s what she found.

Sydney Fresh

This is a service dedicated to regular fruit and veg. I selected the $40 market box, as well as a couple of bunches of herbs and a dozen eggs. I ordered on a Thursday and the box was delivered the following Monday. The website is really simple and produce-focused, with a market update so you know what’s in season and where it is sourced. It also gives you the option of tailoring mixed boxes to never include certain fruits and veggies (but I liked the surprise!) The moment I opened the box, the herbs smelt fragrant, the fruit and veggies looked really healthy – and there was plenty in there. There are little extras you can also pick up through the service, including flowers and a great variety of fresh spices.

Doorstep Organics

Stepping up into the world of organic delivery, Doorstep Organics has an almost overwhelming variety of options to choose from. Not only focusing on fruit and veggies, they also offer dairy, meats, household items and bakery goods. I tried the $39 couples’ box and added in some ready to eat avocadoes, yoghurt, cheese and chicken breast schnitzel. The brands they stock are good quality, such as five:am yoghurt and The Bread and Butter Project bread, and the site has a key indicating if products are certified-organic, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan.

I ordered on a Thursday and the delivery arrived the next day – very speedy! The produce looked great, though I was disappointed that the avocados weren’t ready to eat until a week later. As with anything organic, some of the fruit and veg (like the carrots and oranges) went soft a little earlier than usual, but the taste was very good. With so many products available, it’s a great choice for people not on a budget looking to do their weekly shop. They’ve also got themed boxes like a citrus box, raw food box and juicing box.

Lettuce Deliver

Another organic option, Lettuce Deliver has been doing the rounds since 1999. In this time, they’ve picked up a huge variety of suppliers and the order options are plentiful. A fresh produce report is uploaded weekly to their site, with personal details around growers and their offerings. I ordered the $35 mixed box, along with a loaf of bread and some organic veal mince.

The turnaround time for a Thursday order was the following Tuesday. The mince arrived completely frozen, which was great because it sat out while I was at work, and the fruit and veg looked delicious. I was a little disappointed to find that the use-by-date on the bread was only two days after arrival. The bunch of silverbeet in the box was a beautiful vivid green and tasted fantastic.

The range on their site is very extensive, from pasta sauces and curries to drinking chocolate, baking goods, baby food and even pet food. If you’re looking for a one-stop option, Lettuce Deliver certainly covers all bases. A member of the team also called me ahead of delivery to touch base and thank me for giving them a trial, which was thoughtful, and then again after delivery.


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