Medibank + flybuys = more rewards for members


Medibank has partnered with flybuys to reward you for your healthy choices. Simply link your Medibank health cover membership to your flybuys account to participate in the following offers:

  • Collect 2,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS when you join the flybuys Steps to Savings challenge and complete all five milestones by 30 November 2016~find out more

  • Collect TRIPLE POINTS on fresh fruit and veg and frozen veg^ every time you shop at Coles*;

  • Link an eligible activity tracker, such as Fitbit or Garmin and collect 10 points for every day you reach 10,000 steps#.

Link your Medibank membership to your flybuys account now!

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Terms and Conditions

2,000 BONUS POINT offer:

~To be eligible for 2,000 BONUS POINTS, you must complete at least 500,000 steps on your linked Activity Tracking device by 30 Nov 2016.Only one 2,000 BONUS POINT prize per registered household.  Activity tracker eligibility criteria apply, see Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone or Polar relevant websites for more information. Activity trackers must be synced at least once every 7 days to the linked activity tracker account. Qualifiers will receive BONUS POINTS in their flybuys account by 31 Dec 2016.

Medibank 10 POINTS for 10,000 steps offer: 

#Linked flybuys and Medibank members are eligible to collect flybuys points by linking their flybuys account to an eligible Activity Tracking Device account(s) at Activity Tracking Device account eligibility criteria applies see Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone or Polar for more information. Each linked flybuys account will collect 10 points for each day a linked Activity Tracking Device reaches 10,000 steps (excluding steps manually uploaded by the user), provided each Activity Tracking Device is synced at least once every 30 days to the linked account. Number of points, method to earn, and eligible Activity Tracking Devices, may change from time to time. Depending on your Medibank policy type, you may be eligible to link multiple Activity Tracking Devices, up to a maximum of four (4) per policy. If your Medibank membership is cancelled or amended in any way, you may no longer be eligible for this offer. 

Medibank Triple Points on Fruit and Veg: 

^Nuts and some other exclusions apply, see for details. *TRIPLE POINTS offer is available at Coles Supermarkets (includes Bi-Lo and Coles Online), and equals 1 standard Coles point and 2 additional points from Medibank per $1 spent on a qualifying purchase up to 1000 additional points per month. If you qualify for another flybuys offer at Coles Supermarkets you're able to redeem that offer, but will not earn more than 2 additional points per $1 spent from this TRIPLE POINTS offer. 

These offers may be withdrawn or changed at any time. Full terms and conditions apply, see Standard flybuys terms and conditions apply, see