Common health issues


5 things you need to know about cold and flu

Skip Dr Google for trusted professional sources. Read more

Health Check

Suffering from a sore back?

Tips for preventing and managing back pain. Read more

Health Check

Not all headaches are created equal

Common headache types and what do about them. Read more

Advice and treatment


How to treat blisters – the right way

Podiatrist Rebecca Rushton bursts the myths. Read more

Health Check

Antibiotics: when do you really need them?

Our antibiotic use is amongst the highest in the world. Read more

Healthy Living

10 ways to treat hayfever

Expert tips to beat sore, allergy affected eyes. Read more


4 ways to relieve back pain

Try these cost efficient, at-home strategies. Read more

Health Check

Managing your medications

Keep on top of your medications when you come home from hospital. Read more

Using Your Cover

Back pain: how health cover can help

Do you have back pain? We might be able to help. Read more

Health Check

Inflammation: Friend or foe?

Understanding good and bad inflammation. Read more

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