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“Confidence – learn, think, do”: Women’s Health Week

Access free online resources to help you live your most fulfilling life this Women’s Health Week.

Women’s Health Week is a free online event presented by national women’s health organisation Jean Hailes. The idea? To help women across Australia make health a priority, being empowered to make small changes every day to feel more vibrant, fulfilled and in control.

During the five days of the online event, women’s health experts and celebrity ambassadors come together to address the theme of ‘Confidence – learn, think, do.’ Each day a new batch of informative articles, motivational videos and podcasts, delicious recipes and more become available to you to help you focus on your health, learn more about important topics, and take action.

Plus there are discounts, deals and competitions on offer – and plenty of associated real-life events being held all around the country to get involved in.

Jean Hailes is a national not-for-profit organisation devoted to improving women’s health, providing health information, resources and clinical care to help Australian women actively manage their own health and wellbeing.

Find out more and get involved at

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