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Bike safety gadgets

Keep safe with these clever products designed to give you the best experience on the road.

bike safety gadget ICEdot Crash Sensor

ICEdot Crash Sensor

Ride along with the confidence of knowing that if you should get into an accident, you won’t be left to suffer alone. The ICEdot Crash Sensor attaches to the back of your helmet and works with a smartphone app that detects motion, changes in forces and impacts. In the case of an accident, the sensor triggers an alarm that will alert your emergency contacts with GPS details, so you can rest assured that help will be on its way.

The alarm begins with an emergency countdown, which you can switch off if help isn’t actually required. Compatible with iPhone and Android, the device works with low energy Bluetooth, so you won’t wear out your phone battery. This is an especially useful gadget for those who ride at night or out in areas where there may not be many people around to witness an accident and come to your assistance.

bike safety gadget Cateye bike lights

Cateye bike lights

Being visible is always essential when riding, but especially at night. Cateye offers a range of powerful and affordable bike safety lights that attach to your helmet and rear of the bike, shooting out a wide and bright beam of LED light so that you can see where you’re going, and others can see you. The popular HL-EL135 model, for example, has three LED and OptiCube lens technology for a wider, 150 candlepower beam, with a battery life of up to 80 hours on constant mode.

bike safety gadget Garmin Edge 305

Garmin Edge 305

Take the stress out of mountain biking or riding in unfamiliar areas with a handy GPS device. The Garmin Edge 305 won’t let you get lost – the highly sensitive GPS receiver tracks your position as well as measuring your speed, distance, time, altitude, climb, descent and other metric, recorded using Garmin’s free Training Center software. With a battery life of up to 12 hours you can enjoy long bike rides wherever you like, resting assured you’ll always know where the path is taking you.

bike safety gadget Revolights

You’ll always be seen at night with the innovative Revolights. These rings of LEDs mount onto the wheels of your bike, with smart technology that detects your speed and gives you 360 degree illumination, increasing visibility from the side.


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