#BetterwithaKiss — Terms and Conditions of participation 2018

  1. By submitting my application to Medibank Private Limited ABN 47 080 890 259 (Medibank), I understand Medibank may:
    1. use the information provided by me in the application, including the story accompanying the photograph and the image, likeness and personal details of me and other persons in the photo (Accompanying Person), in Medibank’s promotional material (Promotional Material); and
    2. contact me for the purpose of taking photographs, sound recordings, film and video recordings of me and the Accompanying Person, and using our voice, image, likeness and personal details, in Promotional Material.
  2. I understand that the Promotional Material may be published and made available to the public in print and electronically, and that it may be accessed and downloaded by anyone anywhere in the world.
  3. I agree to the following:
    1. Medibank may use any of the voice, image, likeness and personal details of me and/or the Accompanying Person (entirely at Medibank’s discretion) in the Promotional Material in any media, including without limitation via the internet and/or print publications. The Promotional Material may be widely broadcast or distributed now and in the future.
    2. Medibank may identify me and the Accompany Person as the persons in the Promotional Material, in each case by our first name and surname, and our story including our age, origin, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability and any other information about our past and present that is disclosed in the submission form along with additional interviews during a potential photo and/or video shoot.
    3. I have given consent for the use of my voice, image, likeness and personal details voluntarily and I have obtained consent from the Accompanying Person for the use of their voice, image, likeness and personal details. I acknowledge that neither me or the Accompanying Person will receive any consideration for Medibank’s use of our voice, image, likeness or personal details in any Promotional Material.
    4. By providing Medibank with an original statement and photo, I acknowledge that Medibank may edit and use the statement and/or photo in any Promotional Material. I consent to any act or omission which might breach, and waive any right of action I might have against Medibank in relation to any breach of, any moral rights I have in the statement.
    5. I have obtained all necessary permissions from the owner of the photo and release Medibank from any liability in relation to the publication, reproduction, adaptation and/or modification of the photo.
    6. All rights, title and interest in any intellectual property created in the course of developing the Promotional Material vest in Medibank upon its creation.
    7. I release Medibank from any liability connected with the publication, reproduction or release of the voice, image, likeness and personal details of me and the Accompanying Person in the Promotional Material.


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