This R U OK? Day, check in with a mate and start a meaningful conversation about mental health


It doesn’t take much to ask: "Are you okay?” But this simple question has the power to start conversations that could make a real difference to someone who is having a tough time. R U OK Day, held this year on 10 September, is a reminder to take a moment to check in with your friends, family, colleagues and peers and to listen to them in an open, non-judgmental way.

By encouraging meaningful conversations about mental health and wellbeing, R U OK? strives to create better connections among peers, helping to improve support networks for those who are struggling, and ultimately prevent suicide.

How to ask R U OK?

Often we don't ask because we're not sure how. These conversations can sometimes be difficult, so it's important to think about how you approach them. The R U OK website provides detailed resources to guide you through the process, along with lots of great ideas for creating conversations at school and in the workplace.

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