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Keep your pet toasty in winter

Just as we feel the cold and need to rug up in winter, so too do our furry friends.

As winter descends, we button up against the cold with thick jackets, closed-toe shoes and woolly scarves. Ensuring our pets also stay warm in the colder months is important for their wellbeing and comfort. There are lots of products available to keep our furry friends protected from the elements, and they are particularly relevant if you’re bringing them along on snow trips or live in a location that has harsh winters.

A well-fitting winter coat is a simple way to keep your pet warm on the go. Fleece-lined coats provide extra insulation for pets and are a great idea for breeds that feel the cold. Keep in mind that not all pets will tolerate a sweater or coat, so don’t force it – instead make an extra effort to keep them dry and sheltered.

Waterproof gear is a good way to keep animals dry when taking long walks on rainy days. A pet protected from drizzle is less likely to feel the chilly effects of strong wind on wet fur. Keep an eye out for products made from fabric that doesn’t tear and make sure there is lining around the shoulder openings to prevent rubbing and chaffing.

Ensuring your pet has a comfortable, warm and protected bed for the night is another important consideration over winter. If animals are sleeping outdoors, heated beds, adequate, draft-free shelters and making sure their food and water isn’t exposed in an area where it will freeze over are a few ways you can help your pet stay comfortable over winter. As staying warm takes more energy, you may notice you need to increase your pet’s food intake – just be careful not to overfeed them.

Properly protecting our animals from the cold has the added advantage of making them more enthusiastic to head outdoors for their daily exercise – a routine that’s imperative to keep up all year round. While there is some very fashion-oriented pet paraphernalia around, making sure you have the basics and purchasing items made from strong, durable fabric will help to keep pets toasty throughout winter.
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