Live Better

Healthy tech and gadgets Pt. 1

From music to swim to, to smart socks, we round up the latest gadgets to revitalise your health.

Prep Pad

Your kitchen just got smarter with the Prep Pad, a digital food scale with extra intelligence. Place your food on the scale, use the companion iPhone or iPad app to tell it what type of food it is, and you’ll get a quick and helpful breakdown of dietary information including calories, protein, fats and carbs. You can also set custom nutrition goals, save and share your favourite meals, and use the information to make healthy tweaks to your food preparation. With a sturdy aluminium base and a food-safe top, the Prep Pad is thin enough to be stored easily in a drawer – and pretty enough to leave on the bench if you wish.

Umoro One

Love your liquids at the gym? This drink bottle and shaker in one is a clever way to create your favourite protein shakes, sports drinks and flavoured waters on the run. Store your mixes and supplements in the firm, rubber, leak-proof compartment under the cap, and fill the bottle with water or liquid of your choice. Then when you’re ready, simply push the button to release your ingredients and shake it all up to combine.

Click and Grow smart herb garden

Not much of a green thumb? Here’s an easy way to grow your own fresh herbs in your kitchen. This self-contained hydroponic garden lets you grow basil, thyme, lemon balm and other delicious herbs and plants, without the hassle of growing in soil and regularly watering. Just plug it in, plant the seeds, fill up the water reservoir and set on a sunny windowsill – then all you need to do is wait for your herbs to grow. The technology is based on biomimicry, so there is nothing unnatural about the way your seedlings grow. It’s just like a traditional garden, but much more convenient.

Sensoria smart socks

Collect your fitness data from your ankles with this smart sock by Sensoria. The comfortable, cushioned socks are designed with runners in mind, using ankle sensors to tell you how well and how fast you’re running – and providing tips on how to improve your form. Connecting to the Sensoria app, the socks learn your daily movements and act as a coach to help you fine-tune your speed, cadence and foot landing, as well as letting you compare different shoes, so you can run faster and more efficiently.

Finis Neptune mp3 player

For a lot of us, good music is an essential part of exercising. Too bad you can’t use your iPod in the pool though, right? Enter the Finis Neptune, a clever device that lets you take your favourite tracks underwater, helping you to keep the pace and motivate you to swim that extra lap. Instead of using ear buds, the compact mp3 player is secured onto your swimming goggles, using bone conduction audio to relay music to your ears (ooh, fancy). Designed to make music louder and clearer when underwater, and with 4GB of storage space and an 8-hour rechargeable battery, it’s a pretty nifty way to keep your swim session pulsing.

Swaive thermometer

Perfect for those with kidlets or for women trying to conceive, Swaive is an intelligent in-ear thermometer that works with Apple Health to measure and track body temperature over time. Take a reading, and your data automatically syncs via Bluetooth to Apple Health, where you can add notes of any accompanying symptoms. It’s a quick and easy way to monitor your little ones’ sicknesses, or to monitor fluctuations when trying to get pregnant, or for general body temperature use.

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