Live Better

7 products to recharge your health

Here’s 7 products to kickstart your spring journey towards a fresh, healthy and energised lifestyle.

1. For your vitamin fix – Breville ŽJuice Fountain Compact

Ready for a spring diet refresh? Fresh juices are a delicious way to get your fruits and veggies – and this Breville juicer is a high quality option on the more affordable end of the juicer- scale. Easy to use, without much chopping needed, the Juice Fountain Compact lets you make up to 800 mL of nutrient-rich juice at once. Its compact design makes it perfect for homes with limited bench space, and it’s easy to take a part and put together.

2. For better sleep – SleepPhones

Fall asleep with relaxing music – without getting tangled up in cords and getting frustrated with uncomfortable headphones. SleepPhones bed-friendly headphones are “like pyjamas for your ears”, nestled in a comfortable headband that lets you lull yourself to sleep in a safe, natural environment. Choose from classic or wireless Bluetooth options to use with your favourite sleep sounds, or try one with pre-programmed audio tracks featuring binaural beat technology.

3. For the active parent – Bugaboo runner stroller

Bring your bub with you on a gentle jog – this safe and durable running stroller is the perfect solution for active parents. A reversible and reclinable seat keeps your little one safe and comfortable, while a specially-designed suspension system absorbs any shocks, and easy-access speed control brakes let you jog at your own pace. Keep your essentials in the spacious underseat basket and run along without a care.

4. For aches, pains and recovery – GRID foam rollers

Work out that muscle tension and soreness with this fancy foam roller from Trigger Point Therapy. Strong foam provides a firm surface, designed to replicate the feeling of massage therapist’s hands, promoting the flow of healing blood and oxygen to your muscles. Available in a variety of widths and lengths (including special smaller rollers designed for feet and forearms), these sweat proof and easy to clean rollers will have you feeling relaxed and comfortable in no time.

5. For weight management – QardioBase scales

Leave it to Qardio to create a set of super smart scales with sleek design flair. Made from composite stone, this round white scale is a pretty addition to any room and is warmer to the touch than other metal or plastic scales. And most importantly, it tells you more than just a number of kilos. The QuardioBase body analyser captures metrics like your body mass index, muscle mass, body fat percentage, water and bone composition, giving you a fuller picture of your health. Set goals and track your progress with smart charts, trends and stats, and sync to your smartphone for friendly reminders and support.

6. For outdoor adventures – VIRB XE action camera

Capture all your adventures in vivid detail with the next generation of HD action camera. This waterproof camera is seriously tough, allowing you to shoot professional quality, wide-angle footage in even the roughest environments. Dive up to 50 metres without a case, shoot at 1440p/30fps and 1080p/60fps, and capture crystal-clear video and audio. With an all-glass lens, multiple zoom levels and image stabilisation, time lapse and super slow-mo features, this camera is the ultimate adventure travel accessory.

7. For kicking the habit – My Quit Buddy 

Get out in the fresh air this spring – for real. We don’t need to tell you all the reasons to quit smoking. But a personalised app that helps you quit on your own terms might help. My QuitBuddy lets you set goals for cutting back on smoking, and provides support to help you keep on track. Record your motivations for quitting (including photos and recordings of loved ones), and program ‘danger times’for when you know you might crave a cigarette. At danger times, the app shows you a reminder of why you’re choosing to quit, offers games to distract you, or prompts you to connect to Quitline for support. You can also connect to a community forum to share struggles, tips and success stories with those who understand.

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