You voted, Medibank listened: these winning community projects will share in $600K worth of funding


From a highly contested 2015 grants round, 33 community projects and not for profit organisations around Australia and New Zealand were shortlisted from more than 500 applications. The Australian community was asked to vote for the community health program that was not only relevant to where they live but their own personal values. And vote they did - over 19,000 times.

Congratulations to the following community projects who will each share in the $600,000 worth of funding which has been made available through the 2015 Medibank Community Grants program. Thank you to all who entered, we wish you well with your projects and encourage you to enter again next year. To those who voted, congratulations on making a difference in your community.

Here are the 2015 Medibank Community Grant recipients:


UnintingCare Ballarat Parish Mission – $22,100

‘Café Meals Ballarat’, a program designed to provide subsidised, nutritious meals in cafes around Ballarat for young people who are homeless or vulnerable. The program addresses research that shows a healthy diet improves the physical and mental wellbeing of homeless youth.

Learning and Life Centre (The Huddle) Ltd – $20,000

The Huddle’s ‘Hop On’ program aims to develop connections between young migrant families and the community through sport. The structured sports program is run in local housing estates by trained staff, volunteers, state sporting associations and Victoria Police for primary school aged migrants in the North West

The Malpa Project – $20,650

Based on the traditional Aboriginal way of teaching health, the ‘Young Doctors’ program involves leaders teaching 8-9 year olds the benefits of healthy living and looking after their siblings, as well as environmental health and hygiene. Funding will extend to program to remote areas.

Macedonian Community Welfare Association – $37,250

The project will teach marginalised, socially isolated and disabled members of the CALD community how to eat healthily through supermarket shopping lessons, information sessions from Diabetes Australia and cooking workshops what will demonstrate how to cook traditional cultural food in a healthier way


CatholicCare Sydney – $14,650

The ‘Garden Sprouts’ program will promote healthier eating habits tailored to individual living situations for families with young children who are exposed to stress, relationship breakdowns, financial difficulties or who have little or no support. The program will provide education on how to plan, create and maintain edible gardens.

Foodswell Limited – $37,000

Foodswell Ltd will use their funding to develop five community based gardening and food workshops that help to inspire local schools, health, disability and grass roots organisations to run engaging, fun healthy eating events to bridge the divide between disadvantaged remote, rural and urban communities.

Beautiful Minds CC Ausp. SFNSW – $33,350

A renovation of an outdoor area to include a vegetable garden and exercise equipment at Birunji – an acute mental health unit, will provide hospitalised adolescent patients who have poor skills and knowledge of healthy living due to the impact of their illness, with vital recreation during their mental health recovery.

"The Hub Community Pantry" – $15,000

A planned community garden will address the issue of Food Security in the Macarthur area and the increasing demand for the Hub Community Pantry’s emergency relief food hampers. The garden will provide employment and a sense of purpose for the community.


Buderim Men's Shed – $30,000

The Buderim Men’s Shed helps male retirees by connecting them with men of similar interests and age, to build supportive relationships. Funds will introduce in-house cooking classes for home meals, snacks for grandchildren and weekly meal programs, utilising the excellent produce grown in the Shed garden.

Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation – $48,000

Sports science shows healthy eating is a huge contributor to successful training, performance and recovery for anyone participating in sport or recreation. Through the development of an online toolkit, the Federation will give coaches and instructors important nutrition information to improve the health of new and returning adult participants.

The Migrant Centre Organisation Inc. – $11,250

The Migrant Centre Organisation will produce a booklet to promote social participation and community connectedness with information on health programs and activities available to seniors on the Gold Coast, providing a ‘one stop shop’ for seniors looking for health and wellbeing information.

Happy Healthy Kidz Australia Inc. – $10,750

Funding will be used to support the delivery of the ‘Eat Smart B Active Healthiest School Awards’. As part of the program students are encouraged to make healthier choices to increase their classroom’s/school’s chance to win the Healthiest Classroom Awards™/Healthiest School Awards® title in their region.


Foodbank of Western Australia INC – $33,218

The ‘Fuel Your Future’ program consists of an innovative series of cooking and nutrition workshops that aim to tackle the growing issues of obesity and chronic disease amongst disadvantaged young people from low socio-economic families and improve their quality of life.

United Way West Australia Foundation - $16,800

Through a 10 week program, parents will be encouraged to cook new, healthy foods for their family to address how inadequate nutrition negatively impacts educational development in young children. The program also provides practical strategies and information on everything from health, nutrition, budgeting and exercise.

Ocean Road Primary School - $49,892

The Nature Play Environmental Program aims to develop vegetable gardens to maximise opportunities to introduce students who are from impoverished families and under the care of the DCP to fresh produce. By direct involvement in harvesting and cooking, students will be able to transfer skills to home.


Hutt Street Centre - $25,000

‘EAT:PLAY:LAUGH’ brings positive experiences to the homeless to evoke feelings of joy, fun and self-worth. Through cooking classes, meal preparation, music tuition, walking groups and outings to sporting, music and comedy events ‘EAT:PLAY:LAUGH’ empowers participants to lead independent and fulfilled lives.

'Life. Be in it'. SA Incorporated - $20,000

Life.Be in it will implement the ‘Community Team Challenge Series’ – an eight week run or walk program for adults and kids that encourages and motivates teams to make weekly improvements. The program will be supported by newsletters with healthy eating ideas and motivational tips.

Power Community Ltd - $28,000

Funding will enable the ‘Empowering Youth’ program to continue to encourage secondary school students to make positive decisions in relation to their health, lifestyle, finances and career path. The program is run by community staff and elite athletes from various sports, to provide the students with support and inspiration.


Nakara Preschool - $10,000

The grant will enable the preschool to plant garden beds to grow a variety of foods and implement natural structures to encourage students, parents and the wider community to eat well and live healthy, active lives.

Pathways Tasmania Inc - $17,000

The grant will enable Pathways Tasmania Inc to implement ‘Bridging the Gap – Inspiring Hope’, a youth focused program which aims to reduce drug experimentation and build awareness of services and help curb substance abuse at all levels through a supported environment.


Common Unity Project Aotearoa - $35,000

The Common Unity Project Aoteroa will support the construction of a purpose-built community cooking school for Epuni Primary School’s 90 students. The facility will increase the amount of fruit and vegetables grown in the school’s existing garden and orchard. The produce will feed the students daily as well as host other community activities.

City MenzShed - $13,500

Funding will enable City MenzShed to provide healthy living sessions for older and often isolated men in Wellington. With most participants suffering from some form of heart disease or other afflictions affecting the elderly that require healthier eating habits, the sessions encourage men to support each other to stay on track.

Skylight - $13,532

Skylight has developed ‘Getting Strong’, a board game that helps children, young people and their families cope with grief, loss, trauma and change while encouraging openness and resilience. Funding will enable Skylight to bring the game to areas in Auckland that otherwise would not be able to afford it.

Garden to Table Trust - $25,800

Through a practical and engaging food literacy program for primary school children, Garden to Table Trust will provide students with skills and an understanding of healthy eating, so they can make informed choices and positive lifestyle choices in the future.

Project Esther Trust - $12,000

Funding will enable Project Esther Trust to continue music and movement classes which support women and their families at risk in the south west Christchurch area. The classes give mothers the opportunity to build relationships in a safe, positive and supportive environment.

For more information and to keep in the loop about 2016 grant applications visit the Medibank Community Fund website.

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