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The 9 best New Zealand travel Instagram accounts

Spectacular accounts to inspire your NZ adventure.

The 10 best New Zealand travel Instagram accounts

Planning a trip to New Zealand? Excellent travel choice! Our antipodean neighbour is a wonderful country with spectacular vistas and exhilarating experiences spread across both the North and South Islands. In fact there are so many places to see and things to do that planning your holiday can be difficult.

To help you out, we’ve combed Instagram and found 10 accounts dedicated to showing off the beauty and wonder of New Zealand. Follow them to see what each destination has to offer, and to help you get excited for your upcoming adventure.

1. @youngadventuress

Liz Carlson is an American travel blogger based in New Zealand. Her Instagram account showcases her travels all over the world, with particular focus on Kiwi landscapes.

2. @shaun_jeffers

Shaun is is a travel and film set photographer with an Instagram account full of stunning pics of his native New Zealand.

3. @backpackingmatt

Matt Kyhnn is an American photographer and explorer travelling all over New Zealand and posting his adventures for all to see.

4. @purenewzealand

The official Instagram account of Tourism New Zealand is a great place to start planning your trip.

5. @wingsofafeather

Canadian Mindy Lamoureux travels the world documenting the sights and scenes we all dream of. Her New Zealand photos are particularly impressive.

6. @completelywanderlust

Emma Fehon, an Australian woman based in adventure capital Queenstown, is a commercial travel photographer and travel blogger. Her photos are testament to her love for her adopted home.

7. @theadventureiscalling

This is another account run by Emma from @completelywanderlust and her South African partner, Derek. Follow Emma and Derek across New Zealand and beyond.

8. @chelebanks

Kiwi Michele Banks shows off all the beauty and wonder that her native Wellington has to offer.

9. @samdeuchrass

Sam Deuchrass is a young, self-taught Kiwi travel and landscape photographer who takes breathtaking photos of the New Zealand landscape.

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