Tips for juggling family and festivities.

Family and festivities during the silly season.

While the festive season is a joyous time of year, it can also be quite a frantic time for families. To get some useful advice on how families can stay sane during the silly season, we spoke to two mothers -- blogger Kristen Toovey and psychologist Karen Young -- for their expert tips.

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You can’t do everything

At this time of year, the washing and ironing can build up and your exercise routine might be put on hold. It’s okay to let things drop off the list to be more present and in the moment with the people you love. As time goes on, your kids are going to remember how they felt when you’re with them -- not how many parties you went to or how clean the floors were.

The spread: nutrition vs. sweets

Despite the table being packed with delicious food on Christmas Day, kids will often make a beeline for the sweet stuff. So to prevent your little ones from stuffing themselves with sugar, start the day right with a nutritious breakfast or piece of fruit, and pack some healthy snacks to have on the way to various gatherings.

Managing emotional obligations and blended families

Managing family obligations at Christmas can be a tough one. Who do you spend the day with, and who do you leave out? The important thing to remember is that no-one expects you to run around to four different houses for four different meals, just to make everything happen on one day. Loved ones will understand if you celebrate with them a week before, a week after, or even in November or January.

Make time for your own family

Christmas Day can be such a busy time catching up with friends, extended family and neighbours, that it can be hard to find time for our immediate clan. To ensure you get your time in, keep Christmas morning for yourselves and have no visitors before 10am. That way you’ll get to open presents and enjoy breakfast together before the festivities begin.