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Teach the kids about growing seeds with this DIY activity

This is a fun introduction to growing things, and children have the opportunity to practise planting seeds. Edible plants are used so that children can sample their ‘hair’ and get into the kitchen-garden spirit of eating what they grow.


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What to do

  • 1. Take silly close-up photos of each child – they can pull faces, stick out their tongues like lizards or roll their eyes.

  • 2. Crop the images tight. Each photo should show the child’s face, but not much of their neck or hair.

  • 3. Print the photos. Laminate them and cut them out.

  • 4. Poke a few holes in the bottom of the cups with the nails (for drainage).

  • 5. Fix Velcro dots to the backs of the photos and to the plastic cups. Secure the photos to the cups.

  • 6. Fill each cup with soil and press it down gently. Plant seeds and water gently. Place the cups on a tray in a bright windowsill (they do not need direct sunlight).

  • 7. Water gently every day or two (use a spray bottle with a narrow spray so they aren’t over-watered).

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