A perfect book to read before this craft activity is The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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What to do

  • 1. If your stocking has holes at both ends, tie a secure knot in one end.

  • 2. In the bucket, mix the potting mix with the grass seed.

  • 3. Cut the bottom off the coffee cup. Using the cup as a funnel, trowel the seed and soil mix into the stocking.

  • 4. Tie a knot so that your caterpillar is closed at both ends.

  • 5. Place a rubber band around the body to create a round ‘head’ at one end.

  •  6. If you have enough bands, you might divide the body into segments by putting rubber bands around it (optional).

  • 7. Soak the caterpillar in water for ten minutes to make sure the grass seed gets really wet.

  • 8. Drain the caterpillar. To make antennae, open the wire hair pin or pipe cleaners to form a V shape. Where the caterpillar’s head will be, stick one end through the stocking and back up again to form the ‘antennae’ shape. If you have them, press a styrofoam ball on each end of the hair pin to make feelers, or glue a pompom on each end.

  • 9.  With the colourful yarn, sew on the large buttons as eyes.

  • 10. Place your caterpillar on a waterproof tray and spray mist it with water each day. If kept damp, it should sprout grass within a week.

  • Tip: Place caterpillars in a light spot but not in direct sunlight, as this dries them out. If they dry out, the seeds may not germinate.

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