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This new journal will be your companion in the kitchen and garden all year round.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program has been working with 1000’s of children in primary schools, early years learning centres and secondary schools across Australia to teach them how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food. We know the importance of raising healthy kids, that’s why we partnered with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation to build Healthy Kids — the hub for recipes and garden activities. And now there’s something new and exciting to help you in the kitchen and garden — the Kitchen Garden Journal!

The Kitchen Garden Journal: A seasonal guide to growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing, is packed with hints, tips and inspiration for planning and maintaining your kitchen garden through summer, autumn, winter and spring. Learning new skills in the kitchen and garden is lots of fun, and now the journal can help you jot down your ideas and notes to track what you’ve planted and harvested.

The journal is organised by season and each section includes practical advice on key gardening tasks, tips on what to plant and harvest and month-by-month planting and harvesting charts by climate zone. It is also full of ideas for how to use your produce in fresh, seasonal dishes.

There’s also plenty of suggestions and tip boxes on kitchen and garden activities for the whole family during the holidays and special occasions. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb, or just starting to try new things in the kitchen and garden, this new journal will be your ultimate companion. If you’re stuck for stocking filler ideas, The Kitchen Garden Journal would make the perfect gift!

Order your copy of the Kitchen Garden Journal: A seasonal guide to growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing.

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