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Egg carton seed-raising pots

Use recycled egg cartons to grow your own seedlings.

Written by Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

Planting in egg cartons is a resourceful way to grow seeds. Egg cartons provide individual little planting pods that can be transferred straight into the ground or into a garden bed when the seedlings are ready for more space. This method of planting encourages recycling and reuse.

Tip: To see results quickly, use the seeds of quick-growing plants such as radish, fenugreek, dill and coriander.

Later: Make sure you mulch around your seedlings, particularly in the drier months.


What to do

    1. Cut the lid off the egg carton.

    2. Use a skewer, or the hammer and nail, to make small drainage holes in the bottom of each egg cup.

    3. Fill each egg cup almost to the top (about three-quarters full) with potting mix.

    4. Using a dibber, chopstick or your finger, poke a hole in the soil in each egg cup. (The general rule is that the depth of the hole should be equal to two times the length of the seed.)

    5. Place a seed in each hole and cover over lightly with the potting mix.

    6. Water gently with the spray bottle.

    7. Place the egg carton on a tray in a warm, well-lit position indoors.

    8. Water regularly to keep the soil moist.

Written by Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is a not-for-profit charity whose vision is to see children form positive food habits for life. The Foundation provides the inspiration, information, professional development and support for educational institutions to deliver pleasurable food education, in conjunction with educators, partners and the wider community.

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