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Kate Bradley from Kenko Kitchen takes a moment to share some of her healthy secrets

For some people, passion for good food and a bubbling enthusiasm to share it with others just can’t be taught – as is the case with Kate Bradley, of the popular blog Kenko Kitchen. Here Kate shares what fuelled her curiosity in the kitchen and a little about her foodie philosophy.

Describe your morning ritual?

When I first wake up I pop some coconut oil in my mouth and do some oil pulling whilst reading or thinking about my day ahead. After this I drink one heaped teaspoon of bentonite clay in filtered water with the juice of a lemon and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to help detox and kick start my body. I then take the dogs for a walk to the park or to the beach and only after they are tired it becomes exercise time for me with either swimming, a jog or boxing! Once home it’s time for a protein smoothie or breakfast bowl and I am on my way ready to go.

What was family life like growing up?

I grew up in an extremely supportive and beautiful family. I am incredibly lucky to have the parents I have and to have the amazing brother and sister I have. There was a big emphasis on exercise when we were growing up and we were always nourished with wonderful home-cooked meals created by my mother, packed with beautiful vegetable dishes and protein. We grew up in country Victoria so we were surrounded by a great community and I always remember being outdoors exploring, playing sports and enjoying a whole heap of neighbours’ BBQs. When we moved to Melbourne we moved to the Bayside coast so again there was that emphasis on being outdoors, enjoying nature and sharing good food with family and friends.


“I always try to eat as local as possible, support small business and grow what I can in my garden.” 


Tell us a bit about your food philosophy?

I always try to eat consciously. Whether this is knowing where my food has come from, how it has been grown or just appreciating the flavours and cooking ingredients simply. I always try to eat as local as possible, support small business and grow what I can in my garden. I also think food has to be fun and it has to be creative.

Who in your life has provided the most culinary inspiration?

I have drawn inspiration from all different people in my life, but my main influences who I grew up watching were Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson! Jamie Oliver had me inspired from a young age about how important it is to educate children and adults on why we need to eat healthy, how important it is to have good food accessible and how we can do it simply and cheaply.

My everyday biggest inspiration is my mum who has managed to pack over 80 fruit trees, a whole heap of vegetables, herbs and teas all into her small suburban garden, allowing us to eat beautiful organic foods on a daily basis, and has always managed to provide amazing nutritious meals for her family.

What food wisdom would you like to pass on to others?

Your body fights for you every single day trying to repair cells, fight inflammation, fight infections, heal and recover. Your body loves you, it really loves you and this is why it fights so hard for you without you even realising! We need to love our bodies back and take more care with the food we buy, try to know and understand where it has come from, how it has been grown, raised or processed and think what it will do to our bodies.

We need to think about the consequences of the food we eat beyond our weight, as to me weight isn’t important. It is about understanding how it affects your body in the long term and if something doesn’t love your body, try and find what will.

How did the Kenko Kitchen cookbook come about?

The Kenko Kitchen cookbook was a natural progression after starting my website. I first started my health food blog when I was 22 years old to help those around me have access to healthy recipes which would help nourish them whilst still tasting naughty! I wanted to create food which didn’t just look like unappetising lettuce on a plate but instead looked as exciting as it tasted whilst being simple and cost efficient to make.

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Kate’s cookbook Kenko Kitchen is available now from Hardie Grant Books.

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