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Meet my city: Los Angeles

Fitness fan Amanda Grandinetti shows us the healthy hotspots around her city, Los Angeles.

Amanda is the Food and Beverage Director at Los Angeles’ iconic hotel Chateau Marmont. Her city’s endless sunshine, buzzing energy and abundance of organic, produce-driven restaurants help keep good health and fitness front of mind.

How long have you lived Los Angeles?

This time around 11 years.

Where are you from originally?

Dunedin, New Zealand but Melbourne is home for me.

Where do you like to escape for a hike?

If I don’t have much time, Runyon Canyon is my all time favourite place first thing in the morning when the air is still cool. It has amazing views and feels surprisingly rural for being in the centre of Hollywood. There is always great people watching and some very entertaining conversations to be overheard! If I have more time, Topanga Canyon has a great hike up to Santa Ynez Waterfall with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Where is your favourite place to workout?

My favourite is Ultimate Body Gym on La Brea with my trainer Ryan Van Dyke. If you prefer exercising without a trainer, Equinox on Sunset Boulevard is the way to go with great equipment and even better people watching. Spinning classes are a big part of my weekly workout schedule and I go to the Sweat Shoppe in North Hollywood. If I’m pushed for time, a good run in Beverly Hills is always my backup option. There is a great garden path all the way along Santa Monica Boulevard and you can run along side streets and look at all the beautiful homes as you go.

What is it about your city that motivates you to be fit and healthy?

The weather. You don’t get an opportunity to cover up much in this city, which is a good fitness motivation in itself. A healthy, fit lifestyle is very accessible in LA and I find it much easier to stay motivated with everything at my fingertips. Los Angeles is built on the dream of young entertainers trying to be the next big name in Hollywood. It is in their best interest to stay fit and healthy and it rubs off on you even if you are not in the industry!

Favourite spot to pick up a healthy smoothie?

Earthbar on Santa Monica has delicious fresh organic juice made on the spot or you can choose from their selection of cold pressed juices. Blueberry Bliss, Chocolate Dream and Radiant Skin are just a few great options from their very imaginative revitalising menu. They even have a boosting shot called The Hangover (sometimes handy!)

Best local spots to pick up fresh, seasonal produce?

Wholefoods or Erehwon stock the best organic produce in LA. Yamashiro Farmers’ Market is a great night market that runs every Thursday evening from April to September. Local vendors line the streets selling everything from seasonal veggies, beautiful cheeses and freshly made hummus. On Sundays there is another great farmers’ market in Santa Monica where you can pick up fresh fish, meat, honey and they have plenty of fun activities like face painting and merry-go-rounds to keep kids entertained.

What do you miss most about your city when you’re away?

I miss the lifestyle, the weather and the accessibility to healthy eating. It’s impossible to get a good green juice anywhere else in the world I have found, unless you make it yourself.

Which season makes your city feel most alive?

Summer, always summer… no matter where I am.

Describe your perfect weekend in your city.

A perfect weekend for me is spent outdoors with great friends enjoying all that LA has to offer with its amazing beaches, great hikes and incredible restaurants. Some of my favourite restaurants are Goldie’s, Eveleigh, The Tasting Kitchen, Gjelina and Laurel Hardware.

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