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be. magazine spring 2013

The spring edition of be. magazine is now in store.

With signs of new life and thriving growth around us, be inspired this spring to start making small changes for better health.
The spring issue of be. magazine has a fresh look and feel, marking the first birthday of our member publication. Inside our pages you will discover a little more colour, lots more stories and plenty of encouragement, advice and recommendations to help you live a healthy, fulfilled life.

As always, our experts open our eyes to a wealth of information ranging from the health benefits of a protein-rich diet to the best ways to manage eczema. The role Chinese medicine plays in boosting fertility is also explored along with why we become more dependent on reading glasses with age.

This issue we introduce you to Medibank member Nick, who is embarking on his own journey for better health. Keen to restore the balance between work, family, socialising and fitness, Nick is training for the Cairns Ironman 70.3 held in June 2014 and we will follow his progress with regular updates over the coming months.

Following her recent retirement from the pool, swimming champion Libby Trickett reflects on the incredible highs and lows of her swimming career and her role as an ambassador for the Black Dog Institute. We also hear from elite runners Liam Adams and Jess Trengove, learn tips for introducing mindfulness into our workplace and discover the importance of healthy weight gain throughout pregnancy.

Our spring feature focuses on the health of the nation, asking six health leaders to share their insights on the future health challenges in Australia and how they would tackle these. While health in Australia has many faces, hearing representatives from six organisations including the Australian Medical Association, CSIRO and the RUOK? Foundation offers enriching perspectives on the many challenges, opportunities and improvements that exist in health.

Looking for some mealtime inspiration? This spring, a handful of our contributors share some delicious recipes ranging healthy fish tacos, baked sardines with tomato, garlic and parsley and a chilli duck salad. When selecting your fruits and veggies this spring, experiment with the new crop of seasonal ingredients and fill your basket with blood oranges, artichokes, peas, asparagus and leafy spinach.

be. magazine is free for all Medibank members and is published quarterly.

We are very much a member magazine and welcome your input. If you have any questions or would like to contribute, email us at or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

Pick up a copy of the winter edition of be. magazine at a Medibank store.

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