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Bakers Delight Healthy Loafstyles

Get your carb fix with a new range of delicious breads, packed full of seeds and wholegrains.

Love bread, but feel like it’s ‘bad’ for you? You’re not alone – according to research by Bakers Delight, one in five Australian women report feeling guilty when eating bread, and two in five avoid bread when they’re trying to lose weight. But when eaten in moderation, breads can be a highly nutritious part of your diet – especially when they are filled with healthy wholegrains and seeds like chia, flax and linseed.

“The right bread choice can offer numerous health benefits including benefits for the digestive system, contributing to sustained energy, providing nutrients important to women’s wellbeing and important nutrients that support a healthier heart, mind and body,” says Accredited Practising Dietitian Sharon Natoli.

Enter Bakers Delight’s Healthy Loafstyle range, a selection of six breads that aim to make choosing the right bread for your nutritional needs easier. Choose from Chia Omega-3 (‘for a healthy mind’), Cape Seed (‘for heart, mind and body’), Hi-Fibre Lo-GI (‘for longer lasting energy’), Wholemeal Country Grain (‘for weight management’), Wholemeal (‘for digestive health’) and Chia and Fruit (‘for women’s wellbeing’). You can also take an online quiz to see which bread is the healthiest fit for your lifestyle. 

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