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Move to feel good: Michelle Bridges’ top exercise tips

Michelle Bridges shares a few top tips for moving more, feeling better and creating a healthier lifestyle.

Michelle Bridges. Photographer: Rob Palmer

One of your top tips in your new book, Keeping it Off, is to try to do some exercise every day. What are the benefits of this?

There are so many benefits, but I think one that gets overlooked so much of the time is the mental health aspect. Doing something physical – even just a walk around the block, it doesn’t have to be a ball-breaker workout – makes you feel good! It releases endorphins and gives your brain a boost, so your outlook becomes more positive.

To me that’s almost more important than the purely physical benefits, which most of us are already really familiar with – like better bone density, increased (or at least sustained) muscle mass, joint ROM maintenance. Our bodies just move and work better when we move them consistently.

Why is it important to do both strength and cardio training?

Strength training builds muscular strength – think of the muscles that hold us upright and keep us physically moving around. Cardio training builds fitness; it improves heart and lung capability, so we have the energy to power the muscles that are holding us upright and engaging with our physical world. We need both to actively participate in our lives!

What are some of your favourite post-workout recovery meals?

Smoothies are something I really gravitate towards. Having a smoothie gives me all the fuel I need to recover and it’s easy to get down. If I get the chance to do an early morning workout, I love my Granola and Mango Lassi (in my latest book Keeping It Off). Another fave from the book, especially now with it feeling so summery and warm, is the Nourish Bowl, and I usually add tuna to pump up the protein.

Keeping It Off by Michelle Bridges, published by Pan Macmillan, is available in all good bookstores.

Image: Rob Palmer

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