Live Life Get Active holds free outdoor fitness classes in over 100 locations around Australia. Here’s how to get involved.


Medibank Free + Active is proud to be the National Health and Wellbeing partner of Live Life Get Active, helping more Australians get moving in a fun and social way. Find events near you.

In leafy parks all around Australia, Live Life Get Active hosts fun and social boxing, cross-training and yoga classes. Designed for people of all ages and levels of fitness, these training sessions are friendly, active and energising, making the most out of the refreshing outdoor setting.

And best of all, they’re completely free.

Everyone over 18 is welcome. There are currently over 100 camps around Australia and new locations are added every week – so chances are, there’s one near you. All you have to do is sign up online, book in your class and show up ready to sweat.

Live Life Get Active CEO Amanda King shares some more about what these free training camps can offer you.

Tell us about the goals and ideas behind Live Life Get Active…

LLGA was set up to show everyday people that exercising can be fun – and that it can change your life, both physically and mentally.

Our initial research revealed the key barriers people put up when asked why they didn’t exercise or go to a gym were cost, boredom, feeling self-conscious, and thinking they were too old or too unfit.

We wanted to create an offering that was accessible and welcoming to everyone – including those who may be overweight, diabetic, depressed, lacking in self-confidence, recovering from illness, unable to afford to join a gym, or living in an area without many exercise options available.

LLGA addresses all of these issues, with free outdoor exercise camps in local parks right across Australia. We supply all the equipment, qualified personal trainers and yoga instructors, and one-on-one assistance. We make sure all our sessions are as relevant for 18-year-olds as they are for a mum or a grandad.

Getting people together in a group in their local park also has a massive effect on social isolation. It builds people’s confidence as they enjoy interaction with people they didn’t know before.

What are the benefits of getting active outdoors?

You are not indoors! You are not distracted by any form of machine or phone or screen. It’s you and nature and the group and a very supportive trainer.

Exercising outside releases the happy chemicals in your brain – leading to improved mood, reduced stress and enhanced self esteem. You relax when you are working out in nature. You increase your vitamin D intake and breathe in the fresh air.

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What is the group atmosphere like?

Working in a group is naturally supportive. You not only learn to relax in yourself, but the social connection helps you drop your stress levels. You meet new people who encourage your efforts and you encourage theirs. No one judges, and your confidence builds very quickly

You are in groups that are cross-generational and cross-cultural, and everyone is having fun because everyone is there for the same reason. No one cares where you come from or what you do. The unifying element is they all want to be healthier.

What different types of training sessions do you offer?

We offer boxing, cross training and yoga. Over the course of the year we run themes to provide variety to these sessions. The themes concentrate on different aspects of physical and wellbeing training.

  • Boxing – This is a fun workout, boxing in pairs. Boxing is as much about balance as it is about toning and cardio. It’s about technique more than brut force.

  • Cross training – This is a great cardio session that works like high interval training, with functional movements. You work your way through nine different routines, each performed three times. The time you spend doing the exercise will depend on your level of fitness.

  • Yoga – Yoga is about relaxation and stretching, but it’s also good for strength building.

Can beginners take part?

Absolutely! We have people who come along who have never exercised. They come on their own or with a friend, and our trainers work more closely with them to encourage their endeavours. They teach them how to do the exercises and explain how their bodies will complain at first, but in as little as three sessions they will start to feel so much stronger.

What nutritional support do you provide?

Every one of our members gets a tailored nutrition plan designed from the information supplied at registration. It helps members achieve their goals and it pays attention to particular health risks too. The plan shows the portions of eat food group that should be eaten and give ideas for meals and snacks throughout the day

Every week we produce a video blog with a new recipe to help inspire people. We make them easy and we always explain how much they cost – we know that budget is very important for real people.

As your body changes you can also request a new nutrition plan to be sent to you. All you have to do is update your data.

Sounds great – how do you sign up?

You must be over 18 to register for Live Life Get Active. To find your nearest location, search your postcode on the website. Then you can register online, which takes about 10 minutes – Live Life Get Active will ask you a few questions about your health to ensure they work with you to reach your goals.

Once you’re signed up, you can book into sessions each week online. You can go to as many sessions as you like, and to any camp location across Australia. You can just go once, or you can go every day – it’s all up to you.

We encourage our members to try all our sessions and to stick it out for at least three, because then you’ll get the bug! Give it a try and you’ll soon realise how amazing exercising in a group in the great outdoors is.

What should you wear and bring?

Wear something you can stretch and sweat in. It’s good to wear layers so you can take some off as you get warmer. Wear shoes that will support you, and bring sun screen, a hat, and a drink bottle.

Find out more about Live Life Get Active and sign up now.

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